Fur coats can get quite expensive, but you don’t have to break the bank when it comes to outfitting yourself in luxurious mink or fox. Here are just six fur coats that you can snag for under $10,000.

1. Reversible Super Sheared Chocolate and Mahogany Mink Mid-Length Fur Coat

Available for just $4,500, this coat is sure to turn every head in the room. Not only does it boast a short, stylish cut that will put you on the cutting edge of fashion, but it can even reverse into a taffeta raincoat during bad weather!

2. Ranch Mink Fur Coat

For a classic look, try this ranch mink fur coat. It comes with a full-body design that starts with a high-collar pearl button and ends with a tapered finish around your ankles. You’ll sweep onto the scene like someone of power, influence and wealth.

3. Black Sheared Beaver and American Lynx Hooded Mid-Length Fur Coat

Take a walk on the wild side with beaver and lynx. The fur of its hood is big, thick and fluffy, giving you the appearance of a ferocious animal while also keeping you warm and toasty under its luxurious pelt.

4. Black Swakara and Chinchilla Mid-Length Fur Coat

Wing collars are “in,” and nothing says style like a black coat decorated with gray chinchilla accents. The body itself is midnight; the collars and cuffs are black, gray and white. You’ll definitely make a statement in this coat.

5. Brown Sheared and Mahogany Mink Horizontal Fur Coat

Do you wish you’d been born in the ’20s? This coat brings to mind the flapper style of yesteryear with its wing-tip collar and fully extended waist. Throw on a pair of pearl earrings and you might as well be Daisy Fay Buchanan from The Great Gatsby.

6. Whiskey Plucked Mink Mid-Length Fur Coat

Is there anything more beautiful than scalloped fur? Every turn of your body will showcase its colors in the light, and the more you look, the deeper the hues appear to be. You’ll look absolutely mesmerizing in this coat, and best of all, it will only cost you $8,000.

If you don’t have endless funds to spend on your winter wardrobe, let these coats become the centerpiece of a more modestly-budgeted closet. Visit sites like ML Furs (http://www.mlfurs.com/fur/coats) for even more options.

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