Winter is almost here! The season will soon be changing and so will the fashion. It is not just your outfits that you should think about but your nails too. Nails can be a stylish way to add the seasons colors and prints to your look. To give you some inspiration, we have found 43 winter nail ideas. There is something for everyone from nail art masters to beginners. Take a look to find your favourite.

1. Metallic Plaid Nail Designs

First up we have this metallic plaid nail art. Plaid is a must-have trend for the winter so wearing it on your nails will give you a stylish manicure. Painting this pattern can be tricky but with practice you can create nails like these at home. There are tutorials online to help you. You can paint your nails in any color but try and keep in the silver colors as this suits the winter perfectly.

2. Winter Lace Nails

Warm colors like dark red are a great choice for the winter. If you like red nails but want to make a statement, jazz them up by adding a lace design like this one featured. The nails are a beautiful red with white lace accents. You can add in the lighter color to or just keep them red. Lace can be created freehand or with transfers.

3. Bordeaux and Glitter Nails

We couldn’t have winter nail ideas without mentioning glitter! Glitter is perfect for the winter season especially when Christmas and new year comes around. Our next pick features a red Bordeaux color with silver glitter accent nails. Nails like these will be perfect for a party.

4. Rose Gold Glitter Nails

Rose gold is very popular this year. It has featured in many things from fashion to home decor. This next idea shows how you can wear it in your nails to. The nails are long with an ombre rose gold glitter effect. Nails like these are glamorous way to wear rose gold. You can buy rose gold glitter polishes from many stores.

5. Purple and Sparkle Design

Purple is a stylish color choice for the winter season. It is a cute color that brighten up your look. There are so many beautiful purple polishes available so why choose just one? This next nail idea shows how you can wear multiple tones in one manicure. You could recreate something like this with the glitter and accent nails or not. Just choose different purple polishes.

6. Winter Green Nails with Lace Accent Nail

If you liked the lace design from earlier in the post then you might like this next idea to. These nails feature a lace accent nail but this one is painted in elegant black. The lace nail has been paired with dark green polish. Green and black are a trendy color combo for winter. You can create lace freehand or with stencils so have a practice.

7. Purple and White Splat Design

Next, we have a creative nail idea. It features a purple polish with a white splat design. The splats can be created with a splatter design nail polish or it can be created freehand. If you want a purple design like this one you will have to create it yourself. So, get a purple and white polish and have fun making dots.

8. Leopard Print and Gem Winter Nail Ideas

Looking for statement making winter nail ideas? Then this next pick could be for you. These nails feature a variety of different designs including leopard print, sparkly gem nails and nails with chains. You could just take one or two elements out of this design or try and recreate them all. The gems and chain can be stuck on with a topcoat and glue while the leopard print can be created freehand or with stickers.

9. Red and Silver Glitter Nail Designs

Winter is a special time of year because when this season arrives so does Christmas! Christmas is an occasion that requires red and/or glitter. This next nail idea gives you both must-have elements in one manicure. You can recreate this look with a burgundy nail polish and a silver glitter polish. Create accent nails and ombre or make up your own design.

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