Women over the age of 45 have clear preferences in terms of their styles, but also in terms of their celebrity inspirations. Bonmarche, a UK fashion retailer that caters specifically to the woman over 45, has revealed their top 10 celebrity inspirations.

Celebrity women have an important role to play in society. They serve as role models for young generations, with young girls wanting to be just like Ariana Grande and other such celebrities. As a woman ages, this desire doesn’t change. What they look for, however, does change. Where a young girl wants to be a trend setter, energetic, and fashionable, a more mature woman looks for a more personal identity that is no longer about the latest fashion.

One of the problems is that the fashion industry as a whole seems to target the younger woman, those who aim to be more Rita Ora and less Tyra Banks. But this forgets the huge demographic of women over 45, who specifically want to be more Tyra Banks and less Rita Ora. Thankfully, however, the United Kingdom is home to Bonmarche, a fashion house that focuses specifically on ensuring women over the age of 45 can look their very best.

In order to ensure their collection is relevant to their demographic, Bonmarche has completed a significant piece of research to determine which celebrity women are the icons for their clientele. What they found was that women of that age group no longer look solely at clothes. Rather, they look at the entire demeanor of their celebrity muse, their lifestyle choices, and the way they carry themselves.

What their research showed was that, for women aged between 45 and 64 in England, Scotland, and Wales, the top 10 celebrity women that they look up to are:

Looking next at women over the age of 65, they found that the top four women were exactly the same. There were two key differences, however. The first was that the percentage of women voting for first place changed significantly, and who was in first place changed as well. This, as it turns out, was mainly related to geographical location. As such:

What was seen as particularly interested was that the two key reasons for citing the top 10 women were not so much fashion sense, but rather sophistication and healthy lifestyle.

The e-commerce manager at Bonmarche responsible for the study said that what come out above all else was that, as much as a woman may change her influence and taste as she ages, she will never change the fact that she wants to look her best. She says: “Looking fabulous at any age is easy and achievable – as proven by women such as Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep and Jennifer Anniston: they are in shape, dress for their body types and give off a healthy and confident vibe. It’s no wonder women across the United Kingdom take fashion cues from them.”

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