Halloween is almost here. If you are looking for makeup ideas that are more of a treat than a trick, then you are in the right place. We have found 9 pretty Halloween makeup ideas. These ideas are for the girls who want to enjoy the fun of dressing up without the blood and gore. We have something for everyone from animals to mystical creatures. So, take a look to find your favourite.

1. Pretty Day of the Dead Skeleton

First on our list is this white sugar skull look. Even though this makeup is a skull, it still looks beautiful. Choosing to do the detail in white instead of black gives it a lighter, softer and prettier look. Not only that, but there are even some pearls dotted around. This pearly white skull will look amazing for any Halloween occasion.

2. Magical Mermaid Makeup

Mermaid makeup is a very popular choice this Halloween. This mermaid look has been created with a pink and purple color palette. These colors make her look mystical and pretty. There are a few ways to recreate the mermaid look including stencils. You could go for a look like this and use sequins instead.

3. Glam Spider Web Makeup

We have seen a few different spider web makeup looks but this one of the most glam. This one uses dramatic purple smokey eyes with a big web over one eye. The web is jazzed up with glitter and gems. You could recreate this with different gems and colors. We love this pretty Halloween makeup look.

4. Cute Deer Makeup

Deer makeup is one of the must have looks for Halloween, if you aren’t looking for something scary, of course. It is quite simple to recreate and can be done for any last-minute parties. There are plenty of tutorials online to help you but the deer makeup featured is one of the cutest we have seen.

5. Pink Skeleton

Skeletons are not usually considered cute but this has all changed thanks to this makeup look. This next idea uses all the skeleton features but they were created in pink and glitter instead of black. The use of pink transforms the look from scary skeleton to pretty skeleton. Makeup like this will suit everyone and will be a hit at any party.

6. Cute Doll Makeup

Our next pick is a doll makeup look. Dolls can look creepy but they can look cute as well. There is a fine line between the two but the makeup featured shows you how to wear pretty doll makeup. It is a simple look to create just apply your eye makeup as normal and draw on some lashes with an eyeliner. Add some freckles and create the small lip look with lipstick and you’re good to go. You could also add in the cracked look if you want to. There are tutorials to help you with this.

7. Stunning Cat Makeup

Next, we have a cat makeup idea that will wow anyone that sees it. We have seen many cat looks but this one is one of the prettiest! She has created a smokey eye look and carried the eyeliner further from the eyes to create a cat eye. Then she has finished off the look with a black nose and whiskers. What really makes this looks stand out is the contacts. These are a must have for a stunning cat look.

8. Vampire Makeup

There are so many different vampire looks from the traditional Count Dracula to the beautiful vampire brides in Van Helsing. Our next pretty Halloween makeup idea is kind of a mix of the two. It has the Gothic vibe but she looks very glam too. She has created a dramatic smokey eye and has red lips. The vampire touches are the blood and the contacts. We love this look and you can easily recreate this at home.

9. Pretty Clown Makeup

Clowns are known to be scary however this next pick shows that clowns can be also cute! She has created a look with the classic clown features but the way she has styled it makes her look glam and party ready. This look will be simple to recreate with some black face paint and a smokey eye palette.

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