Unicorns have taken over. These magical creatures have been inspiring makeup, fashion and more. One of our favorite trends is unicorn hair. Unicorn hair features mystical hair colors such as pastel purples and pinks, bright shades like blue and rainbow stripes. This hair trend is bold and fun. To show you how awesome it is, we have found 23 of the best unicorn hair ideas. There is something to suit everyone!

1. Magical Unicorn Hair

Our first unicorn hair idea is this magical blue look. The hair is a very light blue with other pastel shades like pink running through it. We love the colors used as they are bold and pretty. Recreate this look or maybe try just the blue or one other color.

2. Vibrant Rainbow Hair

If you want a dramatic and statement making new hairdo then consider rainbow unicorn hair like this! The hair has been colored in so many vibrant shades from pink to blue to yellow. This is stunning, colorful and perfect for the ladies who like to be bold. You can have vibrant rainbow shades like this or choose softer, pastel tones.

3. Light Pastel Unicorn Hair

Next, we have a beautiful example of softer unicorn hair. This hair has been colored with very light pastel colors. These shades are not as bold and vivid as the hair featured above, so it is a great choice for anyone who wants a subtler, toned down version. You can opt for many colors or just one or two.

4. Statement Neon Hair

Our next idea is this amazing neon hair. The hair starts off pink then blends to into a peachy tone then lime green shades and finally to dark green. This is a unique and beautiful idea, and we love the color palette used. You can take inspiration from this and create a similar look or use a different neon combination.

5. Curly Unicorn Hair

Purple is a very popular color for the unicorn trend. With hair like this, we can see why! Here we have curly hair that has been dyed with many different shades of purple. There are amethyst purple tones, light purples and shades that look pink too. Hair like this is stunning, bright and perfect to unleash your inner unicorn.

6. Unicorn Hair Tips

Underlights have become a must-have. For this style the hair is dyed underneath with the natural hair color on top. Here we have unicorn idea that features jewel tones like blue. Something like this would be perfect for someone who doesn’t want hair that is too bold or for someone who needs to keep most of their hair neutral for things like work.

7. Four Bold Unicorn Colors

There are so many awesome ways to color your hair. Here we have unicorn hair that has been dyed into four sections. One section is purple, the next one is blue, then yellow and finally green to light blue. We love this because it is split into a four section style but it all blends. Recreate this look or use your own color palette. You can also have four block sections without as much blend.

8. Dark Purple, Pink and Pastel Pink Hair

Next, we have another purple look but this time the purple has been paired with pastel pink and vibrant pink. These colors together are a magical combination. Hair like this is beautiful, will suit anyone and is a stylish way to wear the unicorn trend.

9. Bright Stripes

Our next idea is bright stripes. The stripes are bold colors like pink and yellow which creates fun and unique hairstyle. As you can see, the stripes of color look amazing when braided and blended and will look awesome when worn down too. We love this look! You can use similar colors on your own hair or come up with your own bright stripes.

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