If you’re looking for a rocking new hair shade, you should think about these bold dark purple hair color ideas. They’re fabulous, flattering, and everyone will be talking about it if you get it right. Take a peek and let us know what you think about these little delights. We’re in love with them, and we think you might just be too.

1. Dark Purple Hair Color Idea for Brunettes

Highlights are a great idea of adding a new dimension to your hair, so instead of looking one tone and therefore flat all over, the hair has different light-reflecting strands in it. When you’re going for a dark shade, such as these dark purple hair color ideas, adding different shades is important to bring it to life. In this look, a darker brunette has been left at the background, with just subtle pops of purple highlights peeking through to bring it to life. If you have dark hair and you fancy going for a change (but just not a dramatic change), this purple look might just be right for you.

2. Dark Purple Lob

When the weather turns darker, it only makes sense for your hair to match the trend. We can’t get enough of this dark purple lob – a look that shows you don’t need long luscious locks in order to play around with pops of color. Waves have been added to bring this hair to life, which is great tip if you have fine hair but want to give it some “oomph”. The highlights and lowlights of different shades of purple help to bring it all to life, but it’s those waves bring a bounce that makes it look even cuter.

3. Purple Hair with Dark Roots

Dark roots are perfect for lazy girls just like most of us here at StayGlam. When you combine a colored look with a darker-rooted look, you have a lazy (but fabulous) look, and that’s about as easy as it gets. If you have naturally dark hair, when the roots show through, they won’t be so obvious if you copy this look. The roots have been left naturally dark. That glossy purple pop is simply stunning to look at too – we can’t see any negatives here?

4. Dark Purple Hair with Light Purple Highlights

And here’s a great idea for when your dark purple hair color ideas are starting to fade out … Why not play around with different tones and shades, adding some lighter pops of lilac in with a much darker shade? When you add those wavy curls at the bottom, all the dimensions and shades of purple are shown off, giving you a look that everyone will love. There’s no better time than now if you’re thinking of jumping right in … and this look is amazing!

5. Dark Purple Bob

If you have an oval shaped face, the long, wavy, and messier bob is perfect for you. Although you might need to play around with shades of purple to find one that suits your skin tone, the long bob or bob is the perfect way to give your hair a break. Cutting off those dead ends will result in healthier hair, and in the long run it’ll even make it grow a bit faster too. Sometimes you just need to admit defeat and go for the chop, but when you see purple looks like this, the transition doesn’t seem so difficult.

6. Melted Purple and Lavender Hair

A melt of colors is simply a mix of colors that have been blended together so beautifully, you won’t know where one ends and another begins. That’s definitely the case with this melted purple and lavender hair. There are so many shades of ‘purple’ you could pick from, which means you have plenty of ways to customise this look and make it your own. Pick two or three shades that go well together and get blending. Who knows what magic you might end up creating?

7. Medium Length Style

Dark red and purple go splendidly together, perfectly shown by this medium length style. The reds are kept towards the top, and they fade into a beautiful purple blend. There are a lot of hues thrown into this look, but that’s what helps to keep it so natural looking. If you went for pure purple all over, it wouldn’t look as ‘natural’, or as discreet.

8. Velvet Ombre

If you’re a brunette and you want to dye your hair purple, you better be prepared to put in the leg work. Trust us when we tell you there’s going to be quite a bit of leg work. These dark purple hair color ideas look as great as they do because they are quite hard work. They’re certainly a lot of maintenance. As well as a few hours in the salon, lightening / bleaching your hair, you’ll also have the after-maintenance to deal with, and this can include product-build-up by mixing a touch of your color in with your shampoo and conditioner. Add to this making sure you condition your hair really well after all that damaging and drying-out pre-treatments, and using the right products too.

9. Long Curly Hair with Purple Highlights

Darker hair colors are renowned for not ‘soaking’ up the color as well as lighter hair shades do. That’s why it’s always recommended to opt for lightening and bleaching treatments beforehand if you want your look as bright and bold. Purple isn’t a natural color, and because it’s not natural, it’s usually much harder to achieve than other shades. You will need to refresh your color regularly. If you haven’t gone too multi-tonal, you can get away with doing this at home.

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