The sinuosity of their shapes captures the eye, the intensity of the colors seduces, the exclusive and refined work stimulates the imagination. They are the latest creations by Sicis Jewels. One-of-a-kind in the manufacture of high jewelry by uniting the preciousness of gold and stones with the art of micro mosaic, the Italian company now presents us with two new sets of jewelry able to evoke the highest emotions. As the name suggest, the Nebulosa Supernova set, consisting of a ring and a pair of earrings, is inspired by a particular and recently discovered interstellar cluster, one of the greatest spectacles ever experienced by Hubble telescope observers. The jewelry company’s designers have striven to recreate the range of colors and symmetries of the extraordinary Iris nebula that “blooms” in the Cepheus constellation, evoking breath-taking images. A perfectly achieved challenge thanks to the art of micro mosaic, a skillful mosaic technique in which the knowing hands of master mosaicists turn infinitesimal pieces of precious enamel into highly elegant jewelry. These exclusive items are made of white gold with rubies, orange sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds. From “universal” inspirations to French art deco, the Aura Eos set, on the other hand, offers a series of items inspired by a period of creative exaltation and “joie de vivre”. Created in gold, micro mosaic and high-quality stones, they stand out for the linearity of their geometric designs and the range of primary colors. Like the Aura ring, for example, that features enamel micro-tiles laid onto stylized gold leaves edged with diamonds and with a cabochon stone in the center. A creation that seems to safeguard within all the power and luminosity of the aurora, a manifestation whose beauty, although we can see it every morning before sunrise, never ceases to amaze.

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