T-shirts have long been a fashion staple. You can wear them almost anywhere, may it be a normal day at home, a stroll through the mall, a quick walk on the beach, or just a casual day at work.

When you open your social media accounts, you see a lot of well-known celebrities rocking their off-screen lives with t-shirts. You see them worn by reality TV show stars like Kylie and Kendall Jenner, celebrity hosts like Ellen Degeneres and Jimmy Fallon, and even A-listed celebrities like Morgan Freeman and Leonardo Dicaprio. It’s easy to rock t-shirts as they can go with almost any other accessories.

One of the most popular lines of t-shirts nowadays is statement tees. These are t-shirts that have either random phrases, funny catch phrases, or inspirational quotes on them. Many fashion shops have a lot of statement t-shirts in their lines. If you are more of the fun type of person, you can enjoy t-shirts that kick in with puns.

Wearing Your Humor Everywhere

When you find yourself unable to hide all the comedy inside you, don’t shy out and start wearing funny t-shirts! Show your comedic side with fashionable everyday shirts. Here are a few of funny shirts readily available online:

Beach Pun Shirt

If you love the beach as much as you love your puns, this shirt has it all. The design on the shirt kicks a hint of humor. All the gold hunters and beach lovers are sure to relate. Wear your love of puns with this unisex cotton shirt. Wear it on the beach or anywhere. It can still look perfectly funny wherever you go.

Jesus Lizard Shirt

Do you believe that Jesus and dinosaurs could have co-existed? If you think that reference is true, people might question your knowledge on science and religion. However, if you want to believe in the notion just for the fun of it, wear this shirt. With the simple and appealing sketch of Jesus having the time of his life riding a dinosaur, this shirt can make anyone with good humor smile. Made from a cotton fabric, this shirt is perfect to wear anywhere, anytime.

Periodic Shirt

When you’re a science nerd and have a perfect sense of humor, this shirt is for you. Don’t hesitate to show your love of scientific puns. Let your friends know how much you love the table that everyone in your class probably hates. Add a twist to your nerdy shirt collection with this funny shirt.

Toothpaste Shirt

Not all people appreciate poop jokes. However, even those who hate them have to admit that they never grow old. They’ve been around for a long time, and they’ve still managed to make a lot of people laugh. If you’re one of those people who love poop jokes, then this shirt is perfect for you.

Lava Shirt

Recently, everyone is hooked on The Floor Is Lava games and memes. This shirt is perfect for those who have dedicated their time to this hilarious trend. Try wearing this shirt around town or at school and see who tries their best to avoid the floor at all costs!

Final Thoughts

Don’t just limit your wardrobe with basic shirts. Let people know that you have a comedic side. Win hearts with these funny statement shirts.

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