Whether you are trying to get the most out of your exercise or simply want to relax in comfy threads, jogger pants can be your perfect choice in athleisure wear.

It is for a good reason. Typically sporting an elastic waistline, tapered legs, and breathable material, joggers can provide you with the mobility you need during your runs or sports practice. With their slimmer silhouette and snugger fit than traditional sweatpants, they also make for the perfect outfit to lounge around at home.

Keeping this in mind, it is no wonder why joggers have become a popular fashion trend in 2020, where the lines between fashion and relaxation have become blurred due to unprecedented circumstances.

To help you keep up with this trend, here’s a handy list of 4 types of joggers and how to wear them perfectly.

Also known as cotton joggers, twill joggers are one of the most popular articles of athleisure wear. With an elastic waistband and cuff, they sport the classic design and fit that’s associated with joggers.

When worn in the perfect size, these jogger pants strike the elusive balance between style and comfort. If you have never worn joggers before, cotton joggers can provide you with a good start.

If you are a fan of terry cloth’s texture and feel, you would love the French terry joggers. Made from soft terry cloth material, these joggers are highly comfortable and incredibly stylish.

These joggers are available in various colors. But they have the same waistline and leg cuff structure as traditional joggers. With that being said, they can sometimes have a looser fit than their typical counterparts.

Knit joggers are typically made from a mix of materials that can include viscose, nylon, and polyester. Despite this blend of fabrics, these joggers are comfy and lightweight enough to become your primary loungewear.

Knit joggers are widely available in different shades. They also have a snug fit around your legs and can often sport additional loops or laces at the cuff for further adjustments.

Space-dyeing is a way of giving multiple colors to individual threads of yarn. When the threads are woven together to make fabric, it creates a visual effect of multicolored patterns.

Space-dye joggers boast of the same visual effect. But despite their multicolored exterior, they still carry the level of comfort that’s associated with joggers. These sweatpants are also a snug fit and make for a slim silhouette around your legs.

Depending upon the type and fit of jogger pants you select, you can pair them up with t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and even casual blazers. Tight-fitting joggers go well with slimmer shoes such as slip-ons, while loose-fitting pants effortlessly complement flashier sneakers. Mixing and matching other apparel with your preferred fit can help you find the perfect streetwear and loungewear all through a single piece of athleisure.

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