You are having a baby! By the way, this doesn’t mean you have to dress boring for nine months. You can still be stylish and the same fashionista that you were before being pregnant. Nowadays, there are many High Street stores that offer fabulous maternity pieces and just remember that you don’t always have to wear maternity clothes. You can always wear baggy clothes or even your same wardrobe, depending on how big you are and eventually get. Pregnancy is about being proud of your body and bump.

Everyone has their own style and thoughts about dressing when you’re pregnant but at the end of the day, all expectant mothers are wanting the same… comfortable clothing and footwear. If you need a little inspiration on how to dress whilst being pregnant, we have put together 25 cute pregnancy outfits for the summer. Enjoy, and remember to show off and enjoy your baby bump!

1. Casual Outfit – Denim Shirt + Shorts

Are you looking for a casual outfit? We all love wearing denim shirts even when we aren’t pregnant so why change this when you are! It’s perfect for teaming with denim shorts and looks great. A denim shirt is great with any outfit so if you haven’t got one in your wardrobe, invest in one today and you’ll be so glad you did.

2. Gray Skirt & Top

Everyone loves the colour grey. It’s a perfect colour all year round. Team a grey pencil skirt with a lighter grey top for a little contrast and it will look amazing. It will show off your baby bump and you’ll be ready for anything.

3. Off Shoulder Bodycon Dress

We love to see pregnant women showing off their curves and belly. With an off-the-shoulder bodycon dress, you will do just this. It’s comfortable and you can wear it for any occasion. Day or evening, a black dress suits all. To add a little colour, wear with bright sandals.

4. Cute Floral Dress

It’s summer so show off your florals! You can’t go through summer without wearing a floral dress. Go for a cute, floral print dress and you’re onto a winner. You can team it with either sandals or trainers. A light colour based dress will set the summer vibe.

5. Bright Orange Dress

Summer is all about bright, neon colours. A bright orange dress looks fresh, fab and fun. This bright vibrant colour looks so good with tanned skin and nude colour sandals. It is very comfortable for your stomach and looks catwalk ready.

6. Chic Two Piece Outfit

Be proud with this two-piece chic outfit. Think Kim K style who doesn’t let pregnancy clothes bring her style down. Wearing a two-piece outfit while you are pregnant, will look amazing. It shows off your figure and highlights your stomach.

7. Midi Gray Dress + Lace Up Sandals

This outfit is screaming out comfortable, style and sexy. This is perfect for a warm spring or summers day. Lace up sandals are trending so show the world your style while it’s hot!

8. All White Lace Outfit

White is a fresh colour and is flawless in the summer. Wear an all-white outfit which will look classy and sophisticated. Try to opt for a lacy detail, which gives off a softer, girly look.

9. Orange Dress & Sandals

Orange is summers hot colour. Orange looks great on all skin complexions so be sure to have an orange maternity dress in your wardrobe. To make your orange dress stand out, team with orange sandals.

10. Long, Bodycon Dress + Heels

If you are feeling brave or are sick of wearing flat shoes, go for heels. Many women are not lovers of flat shoes and even when they are pregnant; choose to wear heels every day. They make people feel powerful and sexier. Wearing heels, never hurt anyone and they will elongate your legs so grab yours now. Heels and a long, bodycon dress looks as fashionable as the 100th edition of Vogue! We all know that bodycon dresses make you feel sexy and outline your body. This is the perfect dress to outline your bump and to keep it warm.

Long Bodycon Gray Dress Pregnancy Outfit

Source: @thefashionbump

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