It is well known that some wardrobe classics never go out of date and there are some staple pieces that should form part of everyone’s wardrobe. In menswear, trends come and go but there are some looks and styles that can be taken from season to season. True wardrobe staples can be dressed up or down and accessorised with multiple different accessories or complimenting pieces. With this in mind, here are 4 pieces of men’s fashion you can buy now which will still be on trend next season.

No longer reserved for the gym or weekend, trainers are now a staple footwear piece and can be suited to all budgets. In recent years, there has been a shift in what is seen as casual wear and white trainers form a huge part of this revolution. Paired with slim jeans and a tee, they can be casual on a weekend, or dressed up with fitted trousers and a shirt for work wear.

There are some fashion “rules” when it comes to buying white trainers, however. Avoid high-tops if you can and look for leather trainers with little to no coloured panels and prints. When it comes to sock choice, non-visible socks are best but if you can’t face wearing a trainer with no socks on, you can buy invisible socks that don’t show with the trainer.

Tracksuits have come a long way since those of the 80s and now are a staple fashion item for men. Whether you choose a plain tracksuit which can be dressed up or down, or a mens full tracksuit in a certain style, there are plenty of options available now depending on what you want and the functionality you need. With lockdown, sales of tracksuits increased massively due to us having to stay at home and guys are now looking for new ways to wear tracksuits now life is returning to some kind of normal.

Summery chambray denim shirts have origins dating back to the 60s, with European and French influence and show how good casual shirts can look, especially in the warmer summer months. When choosing a chambray denim shirt, look for one that is fitted and is in a lighter blue colour. On warm days, pair with a blazer and mid-blue wash jeans or chino shorts, then finish off the look with brogues or boat shoes for a casual weekend look.

Wayfarers are a classic choice and were a huge hit in the 1950s when they were released. They are said to be the biggest selling eyewear product of all time. Today, luxury eyewear makers create their own version of wayfarer glasses and they now come in many different styles, as opposed to the classic black version. Dark brown, leather frames and tortoiseshell are all popular styles, but you can’t beat the classic Ray-Ban gloss black and matching black lens. They really are timeless and can be worn with anything and everything.

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