School leavers in the UK are now catching up with their US counterparts, when it comes to how much they will spend on their prom outfits according to research from an online voucher code website. In the UK the average spend is between £50 and £100 whilst in the US it’s between $75 and $150. Both in the UK and US 15% of school leavers will spend over £300 and $300 on outfits.

As teenagers leave school this summer, leaver’s balls and proms will be very much on their minds, an online voucher code website has looked into how much students have spent on their prom outfits or how much they are planning on spending. They compared results to those in the US, where the Prom has been imported from and found that students in the UK are catching up with their American counterparts when it comes to how much we spend.

To find out how much people spend on prom in both the UK and US surveyed 18 year old school leavers, 500 in the UK and 500 in the US. They initially asked respondents if they had attended a leaver’s ball, those who had, they then asked: “How much did you spend on your outfit?” Those who had not yet attended a leaver’s ball but were planning on, were asked: “How much will you be spending on your outfit?”



For girls who were planning on attending Prom, MyVoucherCodes also asked: “What would your ideal leaver’s ball/prom outfit be?” The majority – 26% answered designer, whilst 24% would opt for high-street. 22% would like to have a vintage dress, whilst 18% wanted a custom gown and 10% said they would hand make their outfit.

MyVoucherCodes also looked into all the costs included in getting ready for the main event, for the girls, the cost of hair, fake tan and makeup can set you back £100. For guys it’s a bit cheaper with the cost of hair being around £20.00.

Expensive Proms

For those wanting to make sure they arrive in style in the US teens have been showing up in the Midnight Rider which is a 25-ton, 416-square-foot limousine and has been featured on Discovery, World’s Most Expensive Rides and can cost upwards of $1000 per hour. Whilst in the UK you can arrive at your prom in a helicopter with your date or mates which will set youngsters or their parents back over £800.

If you find yourself without a date in the US, Riff Raff, the rapper and rumoured ex-BF of Katy Perry will accompany you to your prom, at a cost though of $28,000. Included in that though is coverage on Instagram, ride to your prom in a Lamborghini and a hotel suite to party in.

Commenting on the findings, founder of My Voucher Codes Mark Pearson said:

“We are all aware at how big proms are becoming here in the UK and as we can see we are now catching up with the US on how much we are willing to spend on these events.”

He added:

“For some parents it can get pretty pricy to pay for prom, however there are ways to still have the luxury without spending a fortune. Such as sharing expensive limo rides with friends, borrowing designer dresses and getting together with friends to do each other’s hair and make-up.”

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