If we were to give you three pieces of advice when on the hunt for most beautiful bridesmaid dresses, it would be these …

1 – Always be honest with your bridesmaids. You cannot be afraid to hurt their feelings. It’s YOUR big day.

2 – Take into account their feelings. If they have real anxiety about a certain style of dress, they won’t feel comfortable wearing it. That’ll ruin your photos.

3 – Make sure you plan in advance, and then allow yourself time for something to go wrong. Someone will get pregnant. There will be that girl who loses or puts on weight. Someone will hate their dress at the last minute.

The more you prepare yourself for the big day, the better the chance you will have of being prepared for the things that can and will go wrong. No one has a perfect wedding day, and little things always go awry. Just go with the flow. And to help you find some inspiration for those beautiful bridesmaid dresses, how about these:

1. Mismatched Sequin Dresses

Who said your bridesmaids dresses had to match? Let each of them show off their own personality – give them a rough idea of what kind of dress you have in mind, but let them pick what they want.

There will always be someone who disagrees with the thin strap idea because they don’t like their arms. Then you’ll have the friend who wants a slightly higher waistband. When they have the freedom to pick a dress that matches their own personality, they’ll be much happier, and you may just find that they pick something better than what you would have chosen.

2. Long, Gold Dresses + Red Bouquets

When your friends are just that – gold – give them the gold treatment with these most beautiful bridesmaid dresses. Shimmering and splendid, this is a way of doing gold – a colour that could easily be seen as trashy – in a much more sophisticated manner.

The gold and red tones really compliment each other well, and your bridesmaids should feel beautiful too. They’re your best gal pals, they deserve to shimmer and sparkle on your big day too. Just a bit though, no out-shimmering or out-sparkling the bride.

3. Floral Rustic Dresses

These stunning dresses really are something else. We’re also especially in love with the adorable little sleeves you can see on the far right-hand girl’s dress. What a great idea for a more relaxed and boho wedding, and you could even replace the fabric with lace on more formal gowns. It’ll help to hide those “bingo wings” perfectly!

The bustling of fabrics around the midriff will help to flatter any bits you don’t like – perfect for pregnant bridesmaids, or ladies who haven’t quite got their pre-baby body back. Because, let’s face it, no one has time for that when there’s a new baby to think about.

4. Long, White Dresses

How do you feel about your bridesmaids wearing white? It might not be your cup of tea because YOU’RE the bride. YOU’RE the one who’s meant to be in white. But wait, before you dismiss the idea entirely, look at this photo:

It’s crips, clean, sophisticated, and utterly beautiful. It’s instantly obvious which one is the bride, which is definitely what you want on YOUR big day, but at the same time, those other dresses really are something else.

We’re just saying … it’s not a look you can afford to dismiss entirely.

5. Unique Black Dresses

These amazing tailored designs are so breathtaking, we almost wish all of your female friends were getting married so we could wear them regularly. Preferably so we could have one in every colour of the rainbow.

Structured dresses really bring something new into the mix – modern, yet classic, all in one. With dresses as outstanding as these, you’ll need to keep the additions and accessories simple. A string of pearls, perhaps? Or some wonderfully simply scrappy shoes?

6. Pastel Dresses + White Bouquets

There is something very classic and legend about this look, almost like the wedding photo itself could have been taken from the fifties or sixties. Have you also noticed the hem on the bottom of these dresses – longer at the back than at the front. What a great idea, and a perfect way to ensure no part of the beautiful details of this dress go unnoticed.

The shape of these dresses is also important – they’re structured, pulled in at the waist (which is flattering for pretty much all body-types), and the tailoring around the bust means they’re good for big and small busts alike. The neckline is super flattering, especially because the hair has been kept simple. There’s nothing we don’t love about this picture, or those dresses.

7. Long, Red Off the Shoulder Dresses

Underwear is just as vital for the bride as it is for the bridesmaids, especially if you’re going for a dress that has a beautiful strap detail, for example, or a strapless gown. The wrong underwear will ruin a beautifully-framed dress, causing lumps and bulges in places you probably don’t want them.

When shopping around for your dresses, make sure your gal pals understand that they need to pick the right choice of lingerie. You might want to take them shopping for that too.

8. Jumpsuits. Yes or No?

Jumpsuits … brave choice for a wedding? We actually love it a lot, and it’s definitely a way to do your big day a little differently. Your wedding day is meant to represent you – your personality, your likes, your dislikes, and the things you share with your partner.

But it’s also about the people you have around you too – the best friends you choose to share your big day with. If they would feel more comfortable in a jumpsuit rather than long, flowing dresses, why not let them try it on? This look is stunning, and we definitely wouldn’t have entertained it before seeing this shot. But what do you think now?

9. Short, Peach Dresses

If you’re on a budget, make sure you have a chat with your bridesmaids about their dresses early on. You could pay for the dresses, for example, which is often the traditional approach, delegating some of the costs elsewhere.

Your best gal pals are then free to pay for their accessories – things like shoes, bags, and hair pieces, etc. Whatever you decide to do, have the chat early on so that there are no uncomfortable situations later on.

10. Long, Black Velvet Dresses

Velvet is such a big deal right now, and we can’t help but think we’d like nothing more than to be wrapped up in a sassy little black velvet number. We’re definitely obsessed with these dresses. They’d definitely stand out!

A leg slit is quite a brave move for a wedding day, but these could always be tailored to suit each gal pal. You’d want a bit of a split to show off those amazing shoes though!

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