Fur grass is the fatal temptation of fashionable bound all the time, fur grass, 10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings, its luxuriant and graceful temperament, at any time and everywhere all without fail reveal decorous with elegance, make fashionable female soul holds dreams entangle, fondle admiringly. However, many people dare not easily buy the reasons, one is that fur must be expensive, can not buy casually; Second, they think the style is not novel enough for older people to wear. 3 it is not quite know professional knowledge, be afraid to be deceived when buying, quality cannot guarantee.


Mink coat is a very expensive fur clothing clothing, mink coat has been expensive status and status symbol, with the improvement of people's living standards and clothing industry popular change mink coat also from into the lives of ordinary people.


A few mink coat must know differentiate knowledge when buying mink coat quite, such ability won't be bought low quality counterfeit product when quite.


Mink coat identifies whether the hair is straight, whether the hair face is even, whether the color is symmetrical, whether the luster is bright.


Poor luster, messy hair, hair rod is often brittle and easy to break.


Wool face discovers sunken spot, usable hand picks open plush, check have without light board.


If it is a beautiful dog coat, carefully check the fur tip for broken; For leopard fur coat, focus on its flower point clarity; If it is hu sheep coat, it is better to have short wool and solid pattern.


Even with the hand on the wool surface along the wool gently push a few, to see if there is no hair phenomenon.


Secondly, we should pay attention to whether there is a leak at the joint.


Rub the skin with your hands to see if it is soft.


If the rubbing makes a sound or feels stiff, it indicates that the leather tanning is poor, which has an impact on the fastness and comfort of the fur coat.


Blow with the mouth to blow on fur, see whether the wool is loose and flexible, level off, have knot hair, oily hair.


Smell a fur taste, it is good to do not have fishy smell, still can weigh weigh in hand the weight of dress, the leather of same size, dress is better with weight light person, see whole do STH for the making of work.


For the inner lining and the overall harmony of the garment, pull the leather board by hand to see if the leather board comes off.


Blow on the fur with your mouth to see if there is any missing hair.


Check quality of a material, the processing that sees ermine is excellent, ermine needs complete, plush is dyed-in-wool, wool face is flush, color is well-balanced, burnish is bright.


When you choose and buy, you can shake the clothes a few times, there should be no shedding phenomenon, and then, the clothes on the counter, the appropriate force to grasp the hair, can also see that there is no shedding, the joint should be flat stretch, there can be no crimping phenomenon.


The inside of the garment should be tight and the sitting position should be symmetrical and not twisted.


Rub a few leather, if send out the sound like kraft paper or feel stiff, explain leather tanning degree is poorer, leather board quality is not good, also can use hand even wool belt leather board together grab shake a few, listen to have no sound and feel whether stiff, check its softness, with softness had better.


Smell fur flavour again, it is good with do not have fishy smell, still can weigh weigh the weight of dress, the leather of same size, dress is beautiful with weight light person, see whole make the making of STH.

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