Fashionable furs decorate beautiful mammies


Fashionable classic fur grass gives a person high, costly feeling all along. A heavy coat or gown always impresses us. And the furs grass wind that lifts this lets us change completely, it pays attention to the deck of detail, act the role of edge with furs especially and popular. Such brand-new deduction, let fur can dress up our different life at any time. Whether you are mature or quiet, there is always a new fur pet to suit you.



1. Light yellow knitted coat, decorated with light grey blue fur in the collar, add a little warmth. The aureate inclined place of gauze qualitative on creamy-colored long skirt and loose fasten the ribbon between the waist, go up with jacket colour echo, let you more wen wan moving.



2. Close-fitting small coat, the lapel of lavender fur is big colorful and grab an eye, the fur deck of front collar, cuff, more meticulous. It's simple and charming.



3. Clear water blue sweater, pure and warm. The detachable decorative wool collar specially designed in the collar makes the simple and ordinary clothes vivid and adds a few minutes of gentle charm.



Black T - shirt, imitation leather sense of decorative pattern, let you look elegant and free. A light beige skirt, with a pair of fashionable beautiful boots, is more attractive.



Concise cream-colored coat, in neckline and predecessor are acted the role of with stripe form fur adornment, add the vitality of a few minutes feeling. Match casual stripe trousers again, build relaxed and cheerful image.



Wide brown fur encircle collar, form the focus that attracts an eye in neck and shoulder. With a specially designed skirt, in the collision of red and black, more fashionable and noble.

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