“Escale à Venise”, Chanel's new High Jewelry collection, is a tribute to one of Mademoiselle's favorite destinations: Venice. Seventy creations of exceptional workmanship are divided into different sets, all inspired by the most iconic features of the floating city, to transport us on an ecstatic tour, full of unexpected elements. The mysterious and fascinating spirit of Venice is enshrined in five sets featuring the lion, the sovereign symbol of the city as well as Gabrielle Chanel's zodiac sign: each set offers a precious and modern interpretation. The profiles of the lion are involved in wonderful compositions that reflect fluidity and strength. One above all, that of the “Astral Constellation”, inspired by the sky in which the winged lion appears on the facade of the Basilica of San Marco, which is reimagined through a sculptural mosaic of lapis lazuli combined with yellow sapphires and diamonds. The four “Gran Canale” sets are particularly enchanting, created to evoke the nautical world of the lagoon, which draw inspiration from the mooring poles used by gondolas. Here the chromatic harmony is entrusted to red spinels, diamonds, onyx, sapphires and enamel. In neo-baroque style, the "Sérénissime" sets, on the other hand, revive the Byzantine spirit of the mosaics of the "golden basilica" in a contemporary light, thanks to the use of stones such as onyx, diamonds, pink, yellow and orange sapphire, garnets spessartini. Finally, the three "Islands of the Lagoon" sets are a real ode to the Métiers d’art who in this case dedicate their mastery to Gabrielle Chanel's favorite flower, the camellia.

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