«Recreating emotions within a space is what fascinates us. But what we love most is seeing amazement and satisfaction in the eyes of our customers.» So architect Lorenzo Clerici and Fabio Antonuzzi, on D&sign's projects that not only put aesthetics and emotion at the center, but are designed to be functional and sales help.
So people are the focus of each project, on the one hand with the jeweler and his personality, on the other hand with the client and the emotion he must feel entering the store.
Another central moment in the realization of an interior design project by D&sign, is the pre-assembly phase, during which the jeweler sees his store live for the first time. A decisive and unique phase of strong emotion, that tests the success of the entire concept, and gives an fundamental preview to understand if the goal of the entire project has been achieved, in order to define the last details and then test the entire product.

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