Keeping up with Halle Berry's outfits on Instagram has admittedly become one of our favorite pastimes. The actress has the enviable ability to pull off any trend, from poufy tulle skirts to oversized shirts — but, of course, this discovery is far from new.

Berry has been in the spotlight since the 1980s and earned her style icon status long ago. Remember the sheer dress she wore to the 2002 Oscars? Or all the times she stepped out in statement accessories, such as sunglasses and thick belts? We surely do, and we'll never, ever forget it. In fact, whenever a '90s or '00s trend successfully makes a comeback, the actress almost immediately comes to mind. She was literally wearing 2021's hottest styles decades ago, and her throwback looks continue to serve as a source of inspiration.

We're all for borrowing Berry's current fashion tricks, like breaking out a cool crochet dress or going pantless, but her fashion wins from the past deserve to be revisited, too. Take a look at the current trends that this star practically invented, from sexy matching sets to newsboy caps.

Shiny Pants


Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner have been loving PVC and patent leather pants as of late, but let's not forget who originally pulled this fashion move in the year 2000, wearing shiny, statement bottoms with a halter top and hoops.

Big Belts and Long Socks

In 2021, our approach to accessories has been less subtle than it's been in recent years. As we embrace longer socks and work thick belts into our outfits, we'll be thinking of this exact ensemble from 1994 (and might even invest in a sunglasses chain as well).

Matching Sets

There's nothing easier than a pre-planned set, whether we're talking about loose, casual combos or something cropped, tight, and sexy, similar to Berry's beaded top and skirt. Aside from going matchy-matchy on the red carpet, the actress also nailed the '00s butt-fashion trend, showing off thong-like straps pulled above her hips — a look that's on the rise once again.


Even after wearing comfy clothes for a full year, we simply can't quit cute sweatsuits, which happen to be the perfect form of loungewear. While bright colors and prints reign supreme, we'd still jump at the chance to bring back Berry's dark gray, Tweety option, which is super nostalgic for any '90s kid.

'90s Athleisure

Windbreakers, leggings, long socks, and chunky sneakers — we spot this combo fairly often in the modern world. Berry, however, first broke out her own version in 1999, spicing things up with some tiny sunglasses.

The Naked Dress

The 'naked dress' — AKA sheer, slit, and cutout styles — are still going strong, especially at awards shows (even when they're virtual). However, you can't deny that Berry wore one of the most famous naked dresses of all time, showing up to the 2002 Academy Awards in this Elie Saabdesign.

Faux Crop Tops

It's a fun trick that'll turn button-downs and cardigans into something sexy and belly-baring: Just leave the bottom undone. But, while we've grown used to seeing models (we're looking at you, Bella Hadid) style their shirts this way, Berry was doing it way back in the '90s — even at the airport!

Lace-Up Details

Cutouts, pully tops, lace-up details — plenty of today's top trends are actually updates to old favorites. In fact, if Berry's shirt and skirt from 1997's Blockbuster Entertainment Awards popped up on a red carpet or in street style photos today, we wouldn't think twice. It still an eye-catching and playful outfit choice.

Flip Flops

After welcoming UGGs, Birkenstocks, and Crocs into our wardrobe, we're convinced that the 'ugly' shoe is having a moment — and yes, flip flops fall somewhere on the list, too. This summer, we might just go full early '00s, channeling Berry by coordinating our own platform pair with a graphic tank and beaded bracelets.

Cargo Pants

Loose, relaxed pants (as opposed to tight skinny jeans) have become a favorite among the fashion crowd, and good ol' cargo styles are included in that mix. They're the perfect choice for cooler spring and summer days, and still look pretty great when worn with other basics like a plain white T-shirt.

Coordinating Cardigans

We still love a pretty, preppy twin set, and aside from Katie Holmes' famous bra and sweater from 2019, many iconic matching outfits are straight from the '90s — including this sweet, sparkly cardigan and dress pairing, which Berry wore in 1999.

Newsboy Cap

We're still debating this controversial hat trend's 2021 return, but we must admit: It really adds something extra to even the simplest of looks. Back in 2003, Berry wore her own white version with jeans and a leather jacket, and we're inclined to do the same should we be looking for a way to amp up our basics.

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