In Crieri’s latest 2020 campaign, diamonds smile, just as those wearing them smile, renewing that iconic union that has always bound women to the most coveted of gems. The main protagonist is the new “Ritmo” collection comprising a series of jewels that, just as the name suggests, appear to dance with the bodily shapes of a free, dynamic and energetic woman. The diamonds, set in an innovative design that never relinquishes goldsmith tradition, become sparkling accomplices to be worn every day and bring harmony and joy to every instant. But “Ritmo” it not the only new entry from the Valenza-based company which, with Christmas coming up, has decided to reveal a series of unprecedented proposals from the Poesia brand, Crieri’s most recent project, founded to offer a more fanciful, light and colored style. The new Poesia collections are a tribute to Greek mythology through a design that captures its symbolic power. “Talia”, inspired by the muse of comedy, is a young and ethereal collection in which the purity of diamonds merges with the perfection of pearls to celebrate the value of poetry and art. Lastly, the jewelry in “Calypso” evokes the irresistible magnetism of the famous sea nymph through romantic compositions in 18-carat gold and diamonds that aim to boost female strength of character.

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