«High jewelry, made with precious stones following a meticulous artisan process, is a natural evolution in my love for jewelry accessories. I find the idea of jewelry as something destined to endure the test of time fascinating as well as how it can represent a woman by telling something about her». This is what Giorgio Armani said last November, when the Milanese stylist’s first High Jewelry collection made its debut, as he explained his reason for entering into a parallel world to that of fashion clothing: «Although the image I have created over the years is associated with absolute sobriety, I have always nurtured a “decorative” streak, initially explored through bijoux and costume jewelry to complete and emphasize the character of the dress. The shift from this field to that of jewelry was natural. I have been able to work with precious stones, maintaining my essential approach. The idea is to offer the Armani woman an ever-wider range of possibilities which now includes jewelry». Right from the very beginning, he began to create sophisticated, sometimes eccentric, items with hard stones and glass, often accompanied by silk-trimmed or ultra-light metal settings. Now, he is offering an interpretation of luxury in three main themes: Borgonuovo, a variation on the theme of the logo, is characterized by sparkling diamond pave or semi-precious stones in delicate pastel shades, “embroidered” with fine white gold fringes. The Sì series plays on the contrasting colors of black onyx and white and black diamonds, re-elaborating the shape of a flower, while Firmamento recalls the stylized stars and a moon. 2019 is a year that will certainly be remembered for having welcomed other new entries into the range of designer high jewelry. In July, for example, during the Paris Haute Couture week, Alessandro Michele paraded about 200 items in the first collection by Gucci, saying «If Gucci is a piece of my soul, then it must also include the idea of jewelry». And, while the jewelry by the creative director of the Florence-based company are greatly inspired by the Victorian Age, with a triumph of colored precious stones and diamonds, Prada has remained loyal to itself by proposing few but significant pieces that refreshingly interpret the company’s iconic lines. Guitars, roses and rabbits, as well as robots, bananas and the triangular logo in gold and diamonds, are used for earrings, bracelets, pendants telling the brand’s story with a distinctive touch of irony.

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