When Beyoncé and Jay Z got hitched in a super secret ceremony in 2008, the bride wore a custom dress created by her mom, Tina Knowles. Apparently, though, Queen Bey wasn't a huge fan of the design, her mom just revealed.

"She was so sweet to let me do that," the 62-year-old designer told Today show co-hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford."[Beyonce] came back later one day and said, 'You know, when my daughter gets married, I'm gonna let her pick out her own dress. Oh, maybe she wasn't so excited about it at the time, but she's a sweetheart."

You can catch a quick glimpse of Bey in her wedding dress in the video for "I Was Here" on Vevo at about 3:37.

If you ask us, Bey looked amazing at her wedding, at least judging by the very few snaps we have from that day. And to be honest, it's actually such a gracious thing of her to wear the dress her mom designed even if she wasn't so crazy about it.

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