«In almost half a century (the CTF was founded in 1929, ed.) we have built a solid reputation where artisan excellence and respect for tradition have knowingly lived alongside innovation, all of which has led us to transform the market by introducing new standards for the entire industry. One only has to think of the 999.9 gold standard, launched in 1956, and the “Fixed Price Policy”, which made the Group into a transparency and reliability reference point. And that’s not all. The launching of the diamond brand T Mark in 2016 changed the jewelry market by allowing consumers to trace the entire route of their stone. For the future, our priorities will, first and foremost, regard the sustainability of the entire “value chain”, respect for tradition and craftsmanship, as well as a commitment for a virtuous world on an environmental scale and work ethics. These commitments will guide us towards our centenary. Needless to say, macro-economic uncertainty has a negative effect on consumption and, in order to compete, consumer changes, as well as trends, must be adapted to. To do this, investments must be made into technology, the big data need to be studied and customers’ new requirements decoded. We have always been leaders and innovators, however, in order to manage the ongoing digital revolution, we have activated new strategies. On the product front, we have revolutionized the sector by introducing nano-technologies and collaboration with the GIA for the diamond blockchain with the T Mark project. In the stores, on the other hand, we have installed Cloud Kiosks that offer an unprecedented experience and we have created Self-service experience corners in places like VIP lounges in stations to integrate with new consumer targets. Furthermore, we have strengthened the personalization service on WeChat’s D-One platform which allows the user to make his/her jewel unique and delivered within twenty-four hours».

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