The Parisian designer Marie Cabirou captures the spirit of movement and an unhinged freedom through the magic of gold, diamonds and rainbow moonstones. With this new collection its proves a supreme mastery of jewelry techniques articulated in 18k rose and white gold. The Wave Collection is an ode to clarity, harmony and deceptive simplicity. With creative brilliance the collection is also a celebration of the symbolism and power ascribed to rainbow moonstones.

“In the Wave Collection, I have chosen to work with rainbow moonstones in order to translate the magic of the sea and the shimmer of light dancing on the waves – when sunlight skims on the surface, it does appear as though the water changes color. The dramatic and mysterious color play is captured through the itting radiance of rainbow moonstones as they move. These exquisite gems can be transparent, or sparkle in abandon. Due to their inner radiance known as ‘adularisation’ – the stones have a naturally alluring blue re, which makes them very unique and a joy to work with,” says Marie.

The stones are linked to the idea of the ‘divine feminine’ and are considered to have emotional and protective properties. “Serenity reigns supreme in rainbow moonstones, but they have a joyful and energetic vibration owing to their intrinsic rainbow hues; the energy fills you with joie de vivre and bliss, while warding off negative energies,” adds Marie. The Wave rings feature an undulating movement when worn on the finger. Evoking the waves, diamond pins studded on the rings pop up and down, taking the natural shape of the finger. The rings had been unveiled at the Design Room in Vicenzaoro and will be presented during the Haute Couture Week in January next year to celebrate the third anniversary of the brand. The brand that was born in 2015 and she named Marie Mas, as a tribute to her maternal grandmother, Henriette Mas, who influenced her taste for femininity, beauty and creation.

The collections are to be discovered in her showroom located in 30 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine, Paris.

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