In a world where your looks really do count for a lot, it can feel like a battle daily with all those things that threaten your esthetic appeal. As you move further away from your teens, you may think your skin will clear and be naturally gorgeous. The reality is you need to work hard for flawless skin, and nature will be working against you all your life! Here are the top 6 things that bother us about our skin, plus one or two things you can do to help perfect it:

Acne – Nobody escapes one or two outbreaks in their lifetime. Acne is most commonly caused by hormonal changes. The teenage years are the worst, but us girls will have hormonal upheavals on more than one occasion as we age. It’s not unheard of to have an outbreak even in your forties. The best thing for hormones is to eat well, drink plenty of water, and exercise regularly.

Moles – These permanent brown marks on the skin cause a lot of worries. Not only do you have to worry about them changing shape as a sign of cancer, but they can look quite unsightly too. You can go to for ideas on how to deal with moles you really can’t bear any longer. Alternatively, there are some good foundations designed to cover this kind of skin mark.

Stretch marks – Stretch marks are a natural part of life. Our skin will need to stretch rapidly, but this can cause red and silver marks on the skin. Most fade over time. Others can be treated with creams from the chemist. Keeping your skin well moisturized will avoid some of them.

Blemishes – Odd pimples and swellings under the skin are normally caused by a blocked pore or hair follicle. There are some natural remedies to help with the inflammation. Often time and cleansing will heal this completely. Unfortunately, it can look pretty bad while it’s there, and makeup will only aggravate it!

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Dry patches – During the heat of summer, or the cold winds of winter, our skin is very prone to exposure. Ideally, a vaseline type product will be applied to the skin to prevent this happening, but it will block pores on the face. Instead, try a careful application of sunscreen in summer. Extra moisturizers in trouble-prone areas are essential to reduce the risk of dry patches.

Baggy eyes – Yes, it seems bags under the eyes can plague us at any time in life. When we are young, the puffiness is related to a lack of sleep. As we age, dark circles and that baggy look are part of getting older. Good eye makeup remover and moisturizer for this area help a lot. Fluid retention can be reduced by propping your head up a little when you sleep. Plenty of exercise keeps the circulation flowing to help discoloration and puffiness.

Perfection is tough to strive for. Sometimes we just need to accept the skin we’re in. Look after yourself, and your skin will be as good as it can be.

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