In the enormous difficulty of defining the highly significant impact that the emergency will have on the sector, at the moment leverage is on “a shared sense of responsibility», as CIBJO President, Gaetano Cavallieri said a few days ago. «We have to be rational» the President added. «The more people abide by the rules, the less time the virus will have to spread. That way we will soon be able to get back on our feet». In an interview with the American magazine JCK, Roberto Coin reiterated the statement. «Italy is undergoing a serious economic impact but it will be temporary. People will stop buying for the next two or three months but then, everything will go back to what it was before. We will continue to export culture and happiness throughout the world as we have always done. And stronger than ever because this crisis has united us even more. We must put people before business. Business will come back. The people won’t». In such an enormously uncertain scenario, companies in the luxury industry have adopted many individual measures since the latest presidential decree issued on 11th March.

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