Pink is one of the most popular colors in fashion and beauty and many of you use it on your nails. That is no surprise as so many stunning designs can be created. We love these nails and want to share with you 9 ways you can wear pink nails. You will find beautiful ideas including elegant nail art, designs that feature vibrant pinks and more. Whether you love to be pretty in pink or you’re deciding on whether to give it a try, you will find an idea to suit you.

1. Pink and White Ombre Nails

First up we have these cute ombre nails. The nails are a pink and white ombre with a light accent nail. You can recreate with or without the accent nail, either way, the mani will look super stylish. If you like creating your own nail art, there are tutorials available online so you can see how to achieve the ombre look yourself at home.

2. Matte Pink Nails

Next, we have a bold pink nail idea with beautiful accent nails. One accent nail has a stunning floral design and the other has sparkling crystals. You can take inspiration from this and create similar nail art or maybe just choose the flowers or gems, you don’t have to choose both. Lighter pinks will look lovely too.

3. Light Pink Nails

Light pink nails look chic and pretty. Don’t just take our word for it, check out these nails. The nails are long and pale pink with a shimmering accent nail. You can buy beautiful pink shimmer nail polishes to help you recreate a similar look with ease.

4. Cute Pink Nail Design

Our next idea has a cute polka dots and stripes design. The nails feature pink polka dots, glitter stripes with a pink nail and glitter nail. This look was created with Gelish white nail polish, Nina polish in Fuchsia Rage and finally China Glaze Glistening Snow.

5. Elegant Light Pink Nails

Looking for chic and elegant nails? Then this mani is for you! Here we have light pink nails with accent nails that feature pearls along the cuticle line. We love the combination of pink and pearls, it is so pretty. Nails like these would be perfect for special occasions like weddings.

6. Cute Pink Watermelon Nails

Next, we have a cute and fun nail idea. These nails are pink with watermelon accent nails. Watermelon nail art can be created at home, there are plenty of tutorials online. These would be amazing for the summer, vacations or the days when you miss the sunshine and want to feel summery!

7. Pink Glitter Nails

Love glitter? Then these nails are perfect for you. The nails are light pink with two glitter accent nails. One accent nail is pink glitter while the other one is silver glitter. You can achieve this look with different glitter polishes easily and maybe you can try other glitter colors like gold.

8. Pink Chrome Nails

Chrome is stylish and has become a favorite design for nails. You can wear chrome nails as they are or add them to nail art themes like unicorns and mermaids. Here we have pink chrome nails with a gem accent nail. Recreate a similar design on any nail length and shape.

9. Pink Acrylic Nails

When using pink polishes, it can be hard to choose what beautiful shade to use. With this nail idea, you don’t have to! Here we have a manicure that features three different pink shades and a gold glitter accent nail. The use of three colors creates a stylish and unique nail design. Create this look or use your favorite pinks.

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