Bring some mystery and magic to Halloween by dressing up as fortune teller. Fortune teller costumes can look as scary or as glam you want to make them. So, to give you some inspiration, we have found 9 of the most mystical fortune teller makeup ideas. These can be simple to create and they suit all Halloween events. Take a look and see which fortune teller you want to be.

1. Scary Fortune Teller Makeup

First up, we have this scary makeup idea. She is wearing fortune teller makeup with blood and a third eye illusion. The makeup is complete with rhinestones. This is a very spooky idea and you can find third eye makeup tutorials online. You can also try a version of this without the third eye.

2. Glam and Gold Witchy Fortune Teller

Next, we have a glam and witchy makeup look. For this, she has a moon on her forehead with smokey eyes and glitter. This is such a fun idea and it is perfect for those who want to look stylish but also look mystical for Halloween. You could even try the makeup without the glitter for an easier look.

3. Fortune Teller with Tarot Cards

Want a mystical and mysterious look? If so, this is for you. Here we have a fortune teller with glitter, a third eye, rhinestones and she even has Tarot cards. This is a fun and magical look that is perfect for Halloween. If you do read Tarot, then you could do this at a Halloween party while dressed as a fortune teller.

4. Creepy Supernatural Makeup

This next idea is one of our favorites. It is simple but very spooky. She has dark eye and lip makeup. The look is complete with white contact lenses and a fortune teller inspired costume. This will give people a fright and it is perfect for that supernatural look. The white contact lenses will look amazing with all the makeup featured.

5. Bold and Magical Makeup with Sparkle

If you want to go all out this Halloween, then this idea is for you. Here we have bold and magical makeup. She has dramatic eye makeup complete with glitter and contact lenses. The fortune teller is also wearing gold accessories. This is a fun and magical idea and the makeup is perfect for Halloween parties.

6. Simple Makeup Idea

Next, we have a simple and pretty look. She is wearing dark gold eye and lip makeup with gold glitter, stars and rhinestones. Dripping glitter on the lower lash line really makes her eyes look mysterious and supernatural. Something like this is so easy to recreate and wear. It is great for last minute Halloween events.

7. Mystical Fortune Teller

The next idea is mystical and a little scary. This makeup features a third eye, symbols on her face and she is wearing glitter and bold lip color. We love this makeup because it looks so spooky and she looks like a supernatural fortune teller. This is great for those who want to look scary but fun this Halloween.

8. Spooky Fortune Teller Makeup with Blood

This next idea is super scary! The makeup artist has gone all out for this look and the makeup features purple eye and lip color. This is complete with blood and a 3D third eye. Something like this perfect for those who love the spookiness of Halloween, so want to give people a little fright.

Products used: Norvina Vol.1

9. Fortune Teller with a Vintage Vibe

If you are looking for a unique fortune teller costume, then this is for you. This makeup has a vintage and spooky vibe. She looks like a fortune teller with a 1920’s twist. This is a glam and spooky idea and would be a great look for Tarot reading. Wear with a black dress and you will have one stylish and glitzy costume.

Products used: Pat McGrath Dark Dark Star 006, Kat Von D Witches Liquid Lipstick, NYX Matte Black Liquid Liner and TheBeBeautifulStudio Secret Garden.

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