The only thing more important than the dress on a girl’s big day is her hair and when it comes to wedding hairstyles for short to mid length hair, it can be hard to get inspiration for something as equally beautiful as the rest of your big day should be. If you don’t want to rely on hair extensions and would much prefer to rock your wedding hair naturally, here’s everything you need to know.

1. Messy Pixie Hairstyle + Headband

The humble headband is an instant way to offer something new to any look and when you have short hair, you have the opportunity to rock something slightly more overstated than those with longer hair and an elegant or intricate updo.

The simple addition of this classic and elegant headband has worked perfectly with those curled tendrils peeking through this messy pixie hairstyle. A definite winner if you ask us.

2. Rolled Chignon + Hairpiece

The messy chignon is a very easy look to rock, especially if you have medium length hair. It’s a matter of rolling the hair over and securing in place, letting a few tendrils to hang down and add a curly, romantic tone to the whole look.

A hair accessory has once again been used here but this time, a simple brooch-style hairpiece. In fact, you could even use an old brooch or family heirloom in your hair to keep the spirit of tradition alive. Something old and borrowed…

3. Vintage Hairstyle

Vintage weddings are all the rage these days and this vintage wedding look is simply breathtaking – one that we’re definitely adding to our list.

Pin curls take a bit of practice before you get them right but are one of the most elegant style of curls, structured rather than messy and all over the place. Just because you don’t have long hair doesn’t mean you can’t still rock some beautiful curls.

4. Wavy Shoulder Length Hair with Flowers

For those weddings when natural hair is key, a few large-barreled curls are the perfect way to rock it, especially with the beautiful flower addition that you can see here.

If beachy wedding is your theme, flowers in the hair are a must, and this look shows you how to rock those floral delights without your wedding verging into the area of tacky.

5. Teased Updo

A very fifties / sixties vibe, the beehive is a great look for a classic wedding, and with some tousling and backcombing is actually a very easy way of adding to bulk to quite short hair.

The braid you can see used as a headband can be faked with a hair piece, and that simple chignon is both stylish and beautiful. We love everything about this look.

6. Bob Hairstyle + Braid & Headband

Bringing back the headband today, we love this lace addition to her hair, especially when you haven’t gone with a traditional veil.

The braid is a simple addition but one that adds a little something extra to the hairstyle. It also helps to cover up a large forehead if that’s what you’re worried about. You don’t just have the option of bangs as you can see here.

7. Simple & Romantic Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair

We’ve gone back to easy and breezy wedding hair here and this look screams bohemian, a super simple and romantic way to wear your hair with, once again, the simple addition of some floral beauties.

This time, a sprig of something pretty, perfect for when a big flower in your hair just won’t do, and you were hoping for something a little more back-to-nature.

8. Simple Updo with Sparkly Rhinestones

A wedding wouldn’t be complete without rhinestones and we love this simple updo with sparkly rhinestones.

The hair is left simple, straight and with a few tendrils left to frame the face, with the entire bun covered over by what could be a hair piece / accessory, but also could be an old brooch or family heirloom once again.

9. Curly Short Hair + Flower Crown

For when you don’t have hair length to make a feature out of your hair on your big day, use flowers once again but with this bride, a floral halo or crown more than a simple addition poked into your loose locks.

This look is very pretty, but if you’re having an outdoor wedding, just be mindful of wasps and bees!

10. Simple Half Up Hairstyle for Mid Length Hair

Just because you don’t have long hair doesn’t mean you can’t still wear it up. This simple half up hairstyle for mid length hair is pretty, easy and doesn’t take too long to do.

It has been beautifully adorned with what looks to be baby’s breath – a flower that not only looks beautiful but smells delightful also.

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