Looking for a new hairstyle? Then consider goddess faux locs. The locs are super stylish and will suit everyone. We love goddess faux locs and think you will too, so we have found 9 of the best ways to pull off the style. There is a hair idea for everyone, from natural hairdos to vibrant hairstyles with bold colors. Whatever styles you like, we have an idea for you. Take a look, you will be soon booking your next hair appointment!

1. Goddess Faux Locs Bob

Our first hair idea features this beautiful bronde bob. Bronde is a coloring technique that involves blending brown and blonde together resulting in light brown hair with a sunkissed look. This color would look amazing for the summer, especially in a bob. If the bob isn’t for you though, bronde faux locs will look gorgeous longer too.

2. Faux Locs with Curly Ends

Next, we want to show you these stunning bohemian locs! Boho locs are like mermaid locs but they are little more relaxed as they do not have the wave. As you can see, these look amazing when worn long and when accessorized with cuffs. Hair like this will suit everyone.

3. Faux Locs Ponytail

Looking for a stylish updo? Then this next idea is for you. Here we have faux locs that have been styled into a ponytail. We love this hair idea because its statement making. You can recreate a similar look or maybe try longer locs. A hairstyle like this is perfect for the summer.

4. Long Goddess Faux Locs

Our next idea features super long goddess faux locs with accessories. We love this hairstyle because of the shells and hair length. Shells look so beautiful when worn in the hair. A hairdo like this would be ideal for the summer or vacations. You can recreate this glam look or choose shorter locs.

5. Dark Red Faux Locs

If you are looking for a new hairstyle, then consider a new hair color too. Here we have dark red faux locs. Dark red tones like this one featured are beautiful. You can either recreate a similar look or if you want a bolder look then choose a brighter red. Long and short locs would look great in red.

6. Short Goddess Faux Locs

Earlier in the post we featured a stylish faux loc bob. Here we have another bob idea but this one is in a different color and has accessories. These thicker locs without the wave look amazing with braid cuffs and cords. The great thing about accessorizing is that you can use any color cord in any thickness. Hair like this will suit everyone, you can leave the accessories out too.

7. Blonde Faux Locs

Brighten up your look with golden goddess locs like these! The faux locs are in a variety of different shades including light blonde, golden blonde and dark brown. This hair idea is perfect for the ladies looking for a statement making hairdo. Hair stylist location: Brampton, Ontario.

8. Goddess Faux Locs Half Updo

Next, we have a styling idea for your faux locs. Goddes faux locs can be twisted, pinned, tied, you name it, into so many beautiful styles! This is a great way to get the hair out of your face, and is a great idea for anyone who wants an easy, elegant hairstyle. You can recreate a similar look or try the same style with shorter locs. The hair brand is Nubian Goddess Beauty.

9. Black Goddess Faux Locs

Looking for a glamorous hairstyle? Then this next pick could be just what need! Here we have long locs that have been parted on the side and have been accessorized with a cuff. This is a stunning style that will suit anyone. Dynamite Hair Collection goddess locs were used to create this look.

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