If you’ve been thinking about cutting your hair short for a while, now is a better time than ever before. Chopping your locks might give you a slight anxiety attack but it’s the perfect way to completely reinvent yourself and your style.

Whether you have a round face, a heart-shaped one, a square one or any other for that mater, there is a cute, short look for you and hopefully these 10 trendy bob haircuts will inspire your next cut!

1. Voluminous Orange Bob

People believe that, if you have a round face, you can’t get away with a short bob. This look is definitely one to recreate if you want to avoid the fat-face though, and as long as you go for that added volume on the top, it won’t make your face look any rounder than it needs to! Smart, right?

2. Voluminous Blonde Angled Bob

The collarbone-skimming bob is the most flattering for all face shapes and this angled bob gives you the best of both worlds. You have the long lengths at the front to help frame and lengthen the face whilst at the same time benefiting from the short length at the back.

3. Blonde Lob

The “Lob” or long bob is very much in-trend right now. You still have enough length to get away with hair extensions on the days you want to fake it, but it’s still short enough to be considered somewhat low-maintenance. The balayage style has been applied here – lighter blonde ‘highlights’ have been added to the places the sun would naturally hit.

It’s an easy way to liven up a grown-out bob, and an easy way to chop those dead-ends off long hair too.

4. Layered Long Bob

If you want to go for a bob but are worried you won’t be able to play around with multi-toned color, think again. This longer bob again shows you how you can keep a bit of length whilst still playing with color. The lighter ends are not quite bold enough to be a massive difference, but it still subtle enough to liven up a style that would otherwise be seen as dull or lifeless.

5. Curly Ice Blonde Lob

Silver hair is all the rage right now and you can achieve it without going full silver with this icy-blonde lob. Another longer bob, the loose curls help to bring out the different shades of blonde in the style, and is a classic example of how you can give limp and fine hair a new lease of life. Even short hair can be bouncy!

6. Sleek & Asymmetrical Bob

A look that simple screams ‘power’, this asymmetrical, sleek bob is a brave move to take if you’re a fan of long hair but there’s nothing more refreshing than pressing the ‘reset’ button – cutting off the length and dead/split ends and starting all over again.

7. Curly Inverted Balayage Bob

An inverted bob will have the layers safely stacked at the back of the hair, giving you flattering length at the front and still being shorter at the back. When you add the cool, in-trend balayage look to this short hair look, it adds volume to the waves. If they were one-tone, they would look a little lifeless.

8. Honey Blonde Lob

This look is fierce, don’t you think? It’s one you could imagine Queen Bee herself, Beyonce, rocking. A longer bob, the asymmetrical appearance has been ‘faked’ by a dramatic and deep side-parting, flicking all the hair over to one side.

9. Messy Bob with Bangs

Bangs + Bob = A look not many women think they can wear but in actual fact, you can. If you have a very rounded face, you might want to avoid this look but if you have a thinner or oval face, this one is perfect. The bangs help to detract from a larger forehead while the chin-framing layers help to cute-up the look.

10. Sleek A-Line Long Bob Haircut

A side parting instantly makes short hair easier to wear so if you do want to go for a sleek look, make sure you start off with a slightly off-centre or side parting. In order to get a super-sleek look like this one, you’ll need to be prepared to get your straighteners on but make sure you use a decent conditioning product to protect your hair from the heat.

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