The treasures of the sea meet the enchanting style of contemporary jewelry. In this ideal microcosm, the timeless beauty of corals and shells lives in harmony with the catching charm of some new jewels made with irregular shaped pearls, porcelain profiles and ancient cameos. Exactly reproducing the shapes of coral branches, Le Grand Bleu ring by Roberto Bravo is a wonderful creature made of iridescent rhodium on yellow gold, diamonds, sapphires and tzavorites. Also Maureen Maris stands out for its ability to faithfully recreate the shapes of a “precious” octopus in a new ring made with white gold and diamonds. And while brands like Oxygene and Peet Dullaert celebrates the pure beauty of irregular freshwater pearls, others like Misshapen, Yana Nesper and Leda Madera give proof of their modern touch with unconventional jewels faraway from the classic designs. Do not miss the romantic allure of a bracelet made with a silver cameo shell and freshwater pearls, by Cameo Italiano.

Photos by Gaia Bonanomi
Styling by Giorgia Toscani
Nail Artist Barbara Coroli
Hair & Makeup Chiara Marinosci
Model Stella Daskalakis @fashion Model Management

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