The ambitious journey that the brand is taking with its Silk Collection allows us to discover the ancient art of silk weaving through important pieces of high jewelry. Each set in the collection is inspired by woven masterpieces or works of art from the eleven city oases, which, over the centuries, hosted merchants along the Silk Road. From remote Serica in China all the way to Venice, with stops in other famous places like Istanbul, Samarkand and Mardin, the city in Armenia where the Boghossian family comes from. The jewels in the eleven sets showcase the intensity of the cultural connections between East and West with intricate woven elements that are brilliant and colorful


An opulent manchette bracelet inspired by the artistic richness of Tabriz, which Marco Polo mentioned in The Million as being “a great city surrounded by beautiful and pleasant gardens.”


A necklace made up of pearls, jade and diamonds with three large emeralds set in opal and mother-of-pearl. It takes inspiration from the amazing treasures of Buddhist art in Dunhuang, one of the most spiritual places in China.


Rubies, emeralds and sapphires cut cabochon style, paired with white and yellow diamonds along with black opal. These stunning earrings pay homage to the Persian miniatures seen in royal Iranian courts.

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