What better way than an interactive fashion show to present an international audience of buyers with the latest collections for the coming season? In the wake of this input, numerous companies will be taking the on-line stage on 23rd March at WE ARE - The Jewellery Golden Cloud, a fully-digital event developed by Oroarezzo, in the name of beautiful and well done in Italy, which will operate for the first time in the sector through a brand-new platform and cutting-edge digital technology. Among the brands that have already signed up is Unoaerre, which, in the person of Alessandro Bruni, Head of Sales, commented on this small yet big revolution:

«In this period without trade show events, it is important to be able to count on the use of innovative tools and high technological content to remain in contact with customers, whether current or potential, and to explore the opportunities that these tools offer. As a company, we are moving towards a substantial digital transformation and WE ARE is a significant moment along this road, for us and for the entire gold and jewelry industry. We will be displaying the following new gold and silver collections: for gold, the evolution of some jewelry classics, like our knot earrings and items made with rope chain, together with sets in rice chain; for silver, the new Navette line, proposed in the color gold, which is part of the Fashion Jewellery SILVER Premium collection.»

But let’s take a closer look at Unoaerre. The company’s history tells a lot about its mission and philosophy which can be summed up with vision, target, successes and prospects. It is the result of an extremely precise strategy that, over the years, has managed to find its dimension and position on the market. Unoaerre’s goldsmith tradition began in 1926 when the company was founded by Gori & Zucchi; a more recent step, taken in 2019, was the acquisition of the Eclat brand. The growth and evolution of the brand have been marked by numerous events which, bit by bit, have led the company to become a global leader which, while tightly bound to Made in Italy, is distributed in over 40 countries and has its own branches in France and Japan. Even the name UNOAERRE is the perfect synthesis of this long road: 1-A-ERRE (1AR) is none other than a direct reference to the first hallmark registered in Arezzo, the forefather of what was to become one of Italy’s most prolific gold districts, and that’s not all. Nowadays, one of this historical company’s strong points, as well as its pride and joy, is undoubtedly its undisputed leadership in the wedding band sector with over 70% of the total market, more than 6,000 retailers and a network of about 100 agents and distributors. And there’s more. Unoaerre is also part of the largest integrated Jewelry Group in Italy which, in 2018, registered a turnover of 167 million Euros, the best result since the group acquired it. This success is based on constant research into new technological and creative solutions, not only at the service of jewelry but also in the fashion segment with the manufacturing of precious and non-precious metal accessories. And all with strict attention to precious metal fineness, raw material traceability and responsible supply. Furthermore, the company has its own internal, Accredia-certified chemical laboratory to ensure that alloys can be immediately analyzed.

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