Magical creatures such as unicorns have inspired many nail designs. Now, one of the most popular trends are mermaid nails. Amazing manicures are being created by using mystical mermaids as inspiration. We love the mermaid look and know that you all will too, so we have found 9 of the most mermazing nail ideas. We have designs with mermaid scales, shells, rhinestones and more. There is something for everyone, whether you want chic nails or a glitzy and glamorous manicure. Some of these designs can easily be created at home. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look and pick your favorite design!

1. Glam Mermaid Scale Nails

The first nail idea we have to show you is glam and mermazing! Most of the nails are black and two of the nails have a sparkly mermaid scale design. One nail also features a cute, little starfish too. This is a pretty design that will suit everyone. You can check out a short tutorial on the page below that shows you how to create the mermaid scales with a stencil. It looks quite simple, so you can create your own glitzy mermaid manicure at home!

2. Pretty Light Blue Nails

Brighten up your look with beautiful blue nails like these. Here we have long coffin nails that are all painted blue except for one. The accent nail has a white shell design. You can recreate this simple design or you can jazz up the manicure with silver starfishes, shells, and rhinestones. These embellishments can be bought online for a cheap price. You just stick them on with nail glue after your nail art has dried.

3. Magical Mermaid Inspired Nails

If the mermaid scale nail art is not for you, then you could try a stunning design like this. One nail is light pink, two nails have a mixture of pink and blue and the other nail is covered in sparkles. There is also a gold design on one nail too. We love this manicure because it reminds us of the magic of mermaids and under the sea. If you did want a more obvious mermaid look, then you could add some subtle scales in white. That would look beautiful!

4. Mermaid Chrome Nails

Chrome is a must-have nail trend and this next nail idea shows how to give chrome a mermaid twist. Here we have long blue chrome coffin nails and when you look at the nails at a certain angle, the color changes to purple. These are mermazing colors and the chrome looks like a mermaid’s tail. Keep it simple like this or you can add some scales. Black scales would be perfect.

5. Nail Design for Short Nails

When scrolling through the internet to find your next nail look, you may find that most of the nail art is on long nails. However, if long nails are not your thing, then you can have gorgeous mermaid nail art on short nails too. Here is a great example. Two nails on each hand have mermaid scale art and the rest are painted a bright color with shell and starfish decorations. Recreate the whole look or you can try just one or two of the designs.

6. Beach and Ocean Inspired Nails

The next nail idea that we have to show you is one of our favorites! These nails have a beachy design with the nude color as the sand and the blue tips as the ocean. There is also an accent design with mermaid scales and a beautiful shell. This is a gorgeous mermaid manicure and the shell is real too! The look was created with OPI “You Callin Me A Lyre?”, Floss Gloss “Wet”, Sally Hansen “Shell & Tell”, Mermaid Scales Stencil from Whats Up Nails and a shell from the beach.

7. Cute Ombre Nails

Next, we have a cute and simple nail design inspired by mermaids. All of the nails are painted light blue and pink expect for one. The accent nail is painted silver glitter and has a one small shell and rhinestone. This is a pretty nail design that you can easily recreate yourself.

8. Pretty Nails with a Gold Mermaid

Like your nails to look glam and unique? If so, check this out! Here we have beautiful and light nails and each one has a different design. One is simply pink, the next is sparkly, then there is an embellished nail and finally, the last nail has a stunning gold mermaid decoration. This is a gorgeous and chic design and you can buy little gold mermaids like these online.

9. Holographic Scales

Add a pop of color to your look with a manicure like this. Each nail is a different color and the nails all have a holographic mermaid scale design. This is a cute and colorful mani that would be perfect for the summer. Recreate this look or you can try just one or two colors. You can even choose five different colors too.

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