#TogetherWeHelp. With this Hashtag, Gruppo Damiani assets its spirit of initiative and solidarity for which it has always stood out in situations of extraordinary emergency. All customers and jewelry lovers have to do to start a positive domino effect is to buy items on damiani.com and all the Group’s other websites - salvini.com, calderoni.com, venini.com and rocca1794.com – saying where they prefer their donation, equal to 15% of the value of the purchase, to go by choosing from the organizations that have taken to the battlefield against Covid19. And that’s not all. In addition to the amount donated by the brand, the customer will be given a further 15% discount either to keep for him or herself or to donate to a charity of choice. In short, a total of 30% in support of the health crisis.

Yet this is only one of the many initiatives the Damiani family has activated since the very initial stages of the pandemic. The first gesture was an immediate €100,000 donation towards the Italian Health Service which was promptly distributed throughout the territory. At the same time, an internal taskforce within the Group’s own international network was set up to recoup facemasks and protective equipment for nurses and doctors while the employees at Tortona Hospital, which was converted into a Covid Hospital, received a Bliss jewel in sign of solidarity and appreciation for their hard work and constant commitment.

Moreover, to support logistics activities, 12,000 square meters of the new production pole in Valenza were placed at the disposal of the Civil Protection Agency and, again in the city where the company is based, the Damiani family set up an insurance for its employees and families should they have to be admitted to hospital due to coronavirus. Concrete help for those who have been passionately collaborating towards the brand’s success for years, as is the on-line training cycle aimed at continual and increased know-how and innovation. With the prospect of returning to create beauty as and more than before.

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