Skin is always in. But to achieve that perfect, otherworldly complexion, the best foundation application is the one that you can’t detect at all. And while foundation has acquired a seriously bad rep (hello, BB cream craze) it’s not the formula that’s always to blame. Handling the wrong tools or improper use of even the right ones can lead to a streaky or cakey finish. If you’ve ever had your makeup done professionally, you may have noticed that most makeup artist stipple (bouncing a brush or sponge) to create a flawless finish. It certainly creates a smoother canvas but it's really time-consuming. Who has time to do that every a.m.? (I’m all about clocking in those extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning).

So I was pretty impressed when this vibrating gadget from ColorMe ($54; came across my desk. The antibacterial sponge mimics the stippling motion with 15,000 pulses per minute. The soft vibrations creates a buffed blended appearance quickly and with barely any effort. And while it doesn't totally erase pores it does a pretty great job of making them less obvious. My only drawback? Even though I "seasoned” the sponge for my first use (laying down a coat of foundation to prevent formula absorption), it still seemed to absorb quite a bit of product. Still, it seems worth it as it shaves down my routine and creates a super natural appearance.

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