When Maddie Ziegler isn’t working on Sia’s music videos or shelling out advice as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance, the young starlet loves binging on YouTube videos. In fact, she’s obsessed with beauty vloggers—from dancing queen to beauty queen!

"I watch all these YouTubers that do makeup and then I buy all the products that they use,” Ziegler tells InStyle. "I will literally do a full face of makeup and then take it off and do another.”

The 13-year-old even geeks out when she sees her favorites in person. "I don’t fan girl over celebrities, I fan girl over YouTubers,” she says. "I just think that they are so talented and I love their videos more than anything else.”

So who are Ziegler’s favorite YouTube beauty experts to follow? Read on to find out and follow along.

1. PatrickStarrr
Known as one of the best in the vlogging biz, Ziegler says he’s her favorite. "He said ’I want to do your makeup on my channel!’”

2. NikkieTutorials
This YouTuber does more than simple tutorials on how to achieve your favorite celebrity’s beauty look. She’ll also do fun and quirky videos inspired by SnapChat filters and more.

3. Jaclyn Hill
Jaclyn Hill, a professional makeup artist, uses her channel to share tutorials as well as reviews and beauty store hauls to show what she’s been using.

4. Manny MUA
Another male beauty guru, Manny MUA is a fun-loving makeup artist who believes that makeup should be free of any gender restrictions. He often posts videos to create favorite looks as well as fun challenges, such as the "Not My Arms Challenge.”

By following YouTube beauty gurus like these, Ziegler is sure to be an expert in the field. So can we expect her to create a channel of her own in the future? "I really want to, I just never have time,” she says. "But I’ve been wanting to so bad.”

Check out Ziegler on So You Think You Can Dance, airing Monday nights on FOX at 8 p.m. ET.

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