If you’re lucky enough to work from home, you’re lucky enough. Mostly because you get to work in your sweatpants. But after two weeks of self-isolating and social-distancing and quarantine impulse-tik-tok-dancing, you may have suddenly felt the urge to actually dress up, likely inspired by all of the people on Instagram insisting it makes them feel more productive. Happy, even.

I was one of those people, wearing button-downs and wide-leg corduroys on my couch, just to talk to my dog. Then the other day it was above sixty degrees and sunny on my balcony. I decided to write two stories while sprawled out on a towel, wearing a white swimsuit. I slacked my co-workers while in a bikini. Scandalous, I know.

Even though I always knew working from home would mean getting to wear whatever I want, I never really considered the NSFW looks I’ve had to convince myself not to wear to my place of work. Exposed midriff is suddenly more than okay for weekly meetings because well, that’s exactly where the Zoom video cuts off. Nobody will know if you’re wearing a crop top just like no one will know if you’re pantless. For all they know, you could be both. No shame.

And since we all have to be stuck inside indefinitely anyway, crop-top season, along with other fan favorite, festival season, has been indefinitely postponed. But unlike the latter, you can easily celebrate from within the confines of your home. Especially if you’re also lucky enough to have a balcony, a backyard, a roof, or a front porch. Even if you don’t, a cracked window will just as easily get you in the mood. I speak from experience.

If you need further proof that crop-top season is actually here, look no further than Emily Ratajowski’s abs, , who have been walking her dog while in quarantine for the past couple of weeks. Jennifer Lopez’s abdominal muscles have also been stuck inside like the rest of us, but they’ve very much not going to let that stop them from shining. And if you’re worried your belly button doesn’t know what you do for work, now is the time to let her experience the corporate culture that has shamed her for years. Worse case scenario, you can just throw on a crop top and take a mental vacation. No one at work has to know.

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