Rosy is the status quo for my complexion, so I don’t usually need to add on anything else that falls in the pink-hued family. That’s why initially I wasn’t interested in swiping Milk Makeup’s new pink Holographic stick to my cheekbones. Thanks to a weather phenomenon terrifyingly dubbed a "bomb cyclone" (still can’t get over that one), I look like I’m permanently wearing blush all over my face.

But hey, cabin fever kicked in, and I started testing products to help pass the time. After an eye cream and a soothing, redness-reducing face mask, I was back to an even skin tone, and it was time to road-test Milk Makeup’s Holographic Stick in Stardust .

Meant for the cheeks, lips, and anywhere else you want a dewy glow, the brand's stick leaves behind the kind of healthy, subtle radiance that you come home from a warm weather vacation (or a few nights of 8+ hours sleep) wearing. This version leaves that same illumination, plus the teeniest hint of pigment that totally reversed my first assessment. You know what they say about assumption.

It’s the lightest wash of pink possible, sinking into your skin in a youthful way that makes you look rested, energized, and honestly a little happy.

But that’s not the only cosmetic bonus—this tube is packed with skincare benefits, like mango butter, avocado oil, and coconut oil to moisturize and nourish your skin. It also just makes wearing it all that more comfortable.

I swirl my ring finger on the top of the tube, and then gently pat the color on the apples of my cheeks and my lips. With a little concealer and lengthening mascara, it completes the perfect no-makeup makeup look.

I guess that bomb cyclone wasn’t that bad after all.

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