Box braids are such a popular hairstyle. This is for many reasons some of which are how stylish the braids look and how they suit everyone. There are so many ways to style them, from ponytails to buns. So, to give you some hair inspiration, we have found 43 stunning small box braids hairstyles. The smaller box braids look gorgeous and some amazing styles have been created. Take a look as we have something for everyone and you will even find some color ideas too. We can’t decide which one is our favorite and we think you will love them all as well!

1. Black Small Box Braids

First up, we have these chic small box braids. For this look, the hair is long and is braided into beautiful and simple braids. This is an easy to wear style and it will suit everyone. It is versatile because it will look amazing for all occasions, it just depends on what outfit you wear with it! Recreate this hairstyle or you can try shorter braids too.

2. Box Braids and Curls

This next braided hairstyle is just gorgeous! Here we have goddess knotless box braids. The hair features small braids, loose curls and colorful cords have been used too. All these elements create such a stunning and unique style. Try a similar look or you can use different colored cords.

3. Black and Blonde Braids

If you’re looking for a trendy style and want to try a new hair color, then this idea is for you. Here we have long and small box braids with added blonde color. The hair starts black and then blends into blonde giving the style a gorgeous ombre effect. You can recreate this blonde look or use a different shade of blonde. A more vibrant color like red can be used too.

4. Box Braid Bun

Next, we have a beautiful bun to show you. The bun is a very popular style and with hair like this, we can see why. So, knotless box braids have been styled into a sky high bun. It is a simple and super chic hairstyle that will look amazing on everyone. Hair like this can be worn anywhere as it can be glammed up or down to suit any occasion. You will feel like a Queen every day with this lovely style!

5. Multi Tone Box Braids

The next style is so trendy and easy to wear. Here we have long and beautiful box braids. The color starts black and then different shades of brown and blonde have been added. As different shades have been used, it creates a natural looking multi tone color. We love this style and think it would be amazing for the spring and summer as it has a sun-kissed vibe.

6. Simple and Stylish Hair Idea

If you just want stylish but simple hair, then this is for you. This style features small and long braids. What we love about this style is the trendy box parts because even though box braids have these, the parts here are made into a trendy style feature. It is gorgeous style and this look will suit everyone. Recreate this or you can opt for a shorter braid length.

7. Half Box Braid Bun

This next hair idea is one of our favorites! For this look, beautiful multi tone braids are in a half up style. Half of the braids are loose and the other half are in a sky high bun. This is a cute and stylish look. You can recreate the multi tone braids or have the half up style created in any hair color. You can also try shorter braids, but that will mean the bun will be smaller. Either way though, your hair will look amazing.

8. Burgundy Ombre Braids

Another beautiful hair color is burgundy and next we have a stunning way to wear it. So, for this look, the small box braids start black and then blend into a rich burgundy color about midway. We love this ombre look because it will suit every skin tone. You can recreate the ombre or be more daring and choose to have color from the start of the braid to the tip. Different shades of red can be used too. We suggest light and pastel tones for the spring and summer, and darker tones for the fall and winter.

9. Glam Ponytail

Next, we have a glam ponytail to show you. Now we know a ponytail may not sound too glamorous, but this one is! Small braids have been used and they have all been styled into a high ponytail. The hair also has some curls at the end. This is a gorgeous hairstyle that will keep you looking trendy every day. This style was created with Spetra hair in color 2.

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