There are plenty of fantastic face masks out on the market. But for your wedding day we awarded a version that produces results immediately: The SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. The sheet prompts a glow from skin within minutes, so you can apply it hours before saying "I do," and know your complexion will look radiant in photos!

Winner of InStyle’s Best Beauty Buys, the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask is a favorite of staffers, readers and industry pros alike. Why? The convenience of a sheet mask is obvious: You drape it over your face then toss it after several minutes. No messy hands, no face wash required. This particular cotton sheet is rich in the brand's signature ingredient Pitera, a substance packed with vitamins, amino acids and minerals that help produce a clear, fresh-looking complexion.

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After 15 minutes, skin is left plump and ridiculously dewy. After a few more minutes you can apply your makeup. Our editors have been known to place one over the face in the middle of the day to instantly revive tired skin.

We recommend packing one for your big day and stashing it in the fridge. The cold temperature will help take down any puffiness or swelling. You also might want to stash a few extra ones in your honeymoon luggage, too.

Wins for: Convenience, immediate results, hydration, luminosity

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