Cornrows are a traditional style of braiding and it is also one of the most popular too. Throughout history, cornrows have been used to create simple and beautiful styles and over time more modern looks have been created with bold colors and hair accessories. Cornrows are versatile and so many amazing styles are available for you to try. To give you some hair inspiration, we have found 9 gorgeous cornrow braids. There are short styles, long braids, colorful hairdos and more all included in this post, so take a look and find a gorgeous cornrow style to try.

Here’s a short YouTube tutorial for cornrow braids that is also beginner friendly:

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1. Simple Cornrow Braids

First up we have these simple and stylish cornrows. The braids are long with a beautiful braided pattern. This hairstyle also features glam gold accessories too. It is an easy to wear style and it will suit everyone. You can recreate this look or try similar braids with a shorter length. A bob would look amazing.

2. Side Ombre Braids

If you want a more statement making style, then this idea could be great for you. Here we have long cornrows that are styled to one side. The braids also have ombre color that starts black and then blends into a warm blonde shade. We love the blonde ombre, the color creates such a bold look. Try a similar style or you can use a different shade of blonde. You could even recreate the style with a different ombre color, red would look fabulous.

3. Braided Bob with Beads

Next, we have bob length Fulani braids. For this look, the hair sits just above the shoulders and features stunning braids with beads at the ends. The color of the hair used for the braids is gorgeous and the beads make the hairstyle look so stylish. There is a link to a YouTube video on the page below which shows the hair and accessories used and you can see how the style was created too. You can try this style or you can recreate with different beads. Vibrant beads would be perfect for the summer.

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4. Vibrant Cornrow Braids

This next hairstyle is one of our favorites! Here we have a cornrow braid bob and the hair used is a vibrant red shade. The red color used looks so amazing and trendy with the bob style. This is a stunning hair idea that will make you stand out from the crowd in style. Each braid is also accessorized with braid cuffs and these add a touch of glamour to the hair. If you want to completely transform your hair, then this is a gorgeous way to do it.

5. Thin Cornrow Braid Bun

A bun is a beautiful way that you can style your hair. Don’t just take our word for it! Check out this next look. Here we have super thin cornrow braids that are styled into a very high bun. As you can see, the bun looks so elegant and glamorous. Hair like this will suit any occasion from work to formal events. You can recreate this or you can try thicker cornrows too. Either way, your hair will look gorgeous.

6. Statement Making Braids

You can really make a statement with braided patterns and here is a great example. This hairstyle features long and sleek cornrows with an intricate braided pattern on the head. As you can see, the overall style is quite simple but the pattern looks amazing. Recreate this or a similar pattern will look great with shorter braids too.

7. Accessorized Cornrows

Next, we have another trendy accessorized look. This hairstyle features chunky cornrows with a wave pattern. The hair is also accessorized with gold cords and hair rings. We love the accessories used because the cords look edgy and the hair rings are so stylish. This is a statement making idea and rings and cords can really create a unique hairstyle. You can buy accessories like these online in all different colors and styles.

8. Braided Ponytail with Curls

Ponytails are one of the must-have looks and with hairstyles like this, we can see why! Here we have a high braided ponytail. The hair on the head is styled into cornrows in different thicknesses and the ponytail also has loose curls. This is a very glam and unique version of a ponytail. It is a trendy look that will suit everyone.

9. Long Cornrows with a Unique Pattern

The next hair idea features long ombre braids with an amazing braided pattern. So, these braids are very long and they start black and blend to a warm and bright shade. The hair on the head also has a funky and intricate pattern. This is such a statement making and bold style. It is perfect for those who like to stand out. You can recreate this or you can try a different colored ombre.

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