When it comes to shopping for my wardrobe, I love the idea of having something no one else has. So whether I’m scouring through a vintage store or looking at a small boutique online, I’m always on the search for a hidden gem. My latest object of obsession? A plain white T-shirt I could have embroidered with my name. I wear T-shirts on a daily basis, often paired with statement skirts in the office, so I knew I would definitely get a lot of use out of this piece. The initial options I found were very pricey (all over $100), and unfortunately, I wasn’t willing to pay quite that much.

A few weeks later as my search continued, I had what I call a light bulb moment. In July, I ordered my boyfriend a few dress shirts from Lands’ End for his birthday and had his initials embroidered on the sleeve. I quickly opened my browser to landsend.com and found my shirt—and for only $26! I couldn’t believe it.

Since then, I’ve worn my embroidered T-shirt many times and have raved about it to pretty much anyone who will listen, including our Associate Fashion Editor Andrea Cheng, who recently ordered one of her own. Though we both chose plain white T-shirts embroidered with our names in the classic black script, there are a bevy of options. The tops come in 14 different colors with 23 thread colors and 6 fonts (there are also 11 varying styles of monogram). And aside from just embroidering your name or initials, you could always just choose a fun phrase—there's only a 10 character maximum. We're thinking of embroidering the following on our next shirts:


"Hot Sauce"









Font from left: Script, Am Typewriter, Classic, $26; landsend.com

The D.I.Y. fun doesn't end there, you can also make a T-shirt your own with 19 embroidered designs, ranging from a cute crab to a breast cancer awareness ribbon. Feel free to go wild!

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