Your lovely lady lumps are about to get even lovelier with the help of Sol De Janeiro's Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. Ever since launching back in the spring, the product has been flying off the shelves at Sephora for its ability to simultaneously take care of what your intense squat routine may have left behind, and trigger memories of a certain Tom Green song. "The Bum Bum Cream became an instant success and was the number one skincare product at Sephora for the month of July," says brand co-founder Heela Yang. "The Sephora team said that we were making history in bodycare, and it's amazing to have that kind of response. I think it's the combination of what we stand for, the product we stand by, and we have an amazing chemist we work with." The cream is infused with a potent dose of guaraná extract, which contains five times more caffeine than your daily latte, and creates a more toned appearance by increasing circulation. Ultra-hydrating coconut oil is an added plus, not to mention that the cream smells like an actual beach vacation.

Following the success of the Bum Bum Cream, Sol De Janeiro rolled out a few more products with equally-cheeky names—the Brazilian Foot Fetish kit, and the Brazilian 4Play Shower Gel, which sold out in 6 hours on The Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter is set to launch in November, and going off the brand's track record, we're predicting it will be a massive hit. "Our philosophy is to do few products, but bigger and better. We want to make sure we bring more innovative products to the market, but a few at a time," Yang adds. "Beauty is an attitude, and it's about confidence, so we want to make sure you take care of yourself from head to toe—not just your face." Pick up a jar of the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream now for $45 at, and check out the rest of the line before it sells out all over again.

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