The party season is the perfect time to pull out all the stops on your nails. NYE calls for bold, glitzy and glamorous designs. There are so many amazing nail art ideas to choose from, so it can be difficult finding the best ones. To help you with that, we have found 41 NYE nail ideas you need to try. Go into the new year in style with any of these nails designs!

1. Glam Gold Shimmer Nails

First up we have a beautiful gold nail design. The nails are in a long almond shape and have been painted in a shimmering gold. Nails like these can be done at home or at the nail salon. At home, you will need a gold polish and you could use your natural nails. Either way, this is a glam look that will suit any outfit and NYE event.

2. Pretty NYE Nails

Next, we have a gorgeous neutral manicure idea. There are four different colors and designs used. The thumb and little finger use Wet ‘N’ Wild Beauty French White Cream, the index nail uses Sally Hansen Bare It All, the middle nail uses Sally Hansen Golden-I and the ring finger uses Forever 21 Silver. The white and nude nails have been mattified. You could recreate this or just one of the styles used.

3. Burgundy and Glitter NYE Nails

Burgundy is a must-have color for the winter. So, it would be a great color choice for your NYE nails. These nails feature a matte burgundy with two burgundy glitter nails. With a design like this, your nails will be trendy and party ready.

4. NYE Theme Nails

If you want fun, novelty and stylish nails, then this next idea is for you. The nails all have a design in a NYE theme. One nail has a champagne glass, one has fireworks and the rest have gold glitter. You could recreate these in any colors and use just one design or all of them. These would look super cute for any new year event.

5. Gold, Pink and White

Next, we have a nail idea that is stunning and glamorous. The nails use gold polish, a pretty pink polish and white polish. There are also glitter accents too. You could recreate these different designs or just choose one. Either way, you will have one stylish manicure.

6. Chrome and Glitter

Our next nail idea is perfect for the ladies who like vibrant nails. These nails feature a purple/blue chrome and one nail is silver glitter. This chrome look is a very on trend so would make perfect NYE nails. A design like this will suit all nail lengths.

7. Glitter French Manicure

Give your French manicure a party twist by adding glitter. This manicure features a nude base color with silver glitter tips. We love this glitzy design, it is perfect for the party season. You could recreate your mani in these colors or maybe in a gold glitter instead.

8. Pink and Gem Nail Design

Add some sparkle to your nails with embellishments like these. Lots of products where used to create all the different design but the bling thumb nail uses iridescent studs in different sizes. Rhinestones like these can be bought online. You could recreate a design like this or experiment and create your own. Nails with rhinestones will look amazing for any NYE party.

9. Black and Glitter Short Nails

Next, we have a black and glitter nail idea. The nails are painted black with about half the nail covered in glitter. This is a design that could be created at home or in a nail salon. Something like this is great for the ladies who want a nice manicure that is quite simple to create. It would suit all nail lengths and you could try different colors.

10. French Ombre Nail Design

NYE is a special occasion so why not add some gems to your nails? This next nail design has a subtle ombre color with a small gem on the end of each nail. You could recreate this ombre look or just have one block color and gems. This is a glitzy idea perfect for a party.

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