for their red carpet looks, while beauty editors and clean beauty enthusiasts all hoard the organic makeup products from her eponymous line.

While many of her products are fan-favorites, Dempsey's is also a big fan of the bar.

Here, we caught up with Dempsey to find out how she got her start as a makeup artist, why using natural beauty products is important, plus what's next for her brand after the major launch of the Gold Bar late last year.

Tell me about how you got your start in the beauty industry.

I went to beauty school and taught myself how to cut and color hair. I trained with a lot of makeup artists which lead into working in movies and music videos way back in the day.

Since then, I have been working with actresses for decades, freelancing as a makeup artist for mostly print, advertising and red carpet appearances.

As a makeup artist, what made you want to start your own product line?

I wanted to offer easy to use, finger-friendly, organic, cruelty-free makeup that I felt was unique to the market.

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How did you know it was the right moment to release your line?

There was an absolute need for makeup that doesn’t require instructions. I had seen too many women wearing their makeup incorrectly and wanted to create something mistake proof — lazy girl makeup that people just get.

Clean beauty isn't just a trend anymore, with more people focused on what's in their products. What are clean formulations important to you?

I like healthy, organic, clean living, so why wouldn’t my makeup routine follow suit?

What is one product you think everyone should have in their makeup bags?

A good lip balm — it’s globally a fact that men and women need supple lips.

Based on the makeup you've been doing on your clients, and your product launches, what do you think is going to be the next big makeup trend?

I like inventing new tools for the market. You’ll just have to wait and see what 2020 brings because I got something good!

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