When bike shorts started popping up on celebrities and in street-style photos a few years ago (thanks, Kim K.), I wasn’t immediately on board. As someone who can’t actually ride a bike, I just couldn’t quite get there at the time — metaphorically, not literally. Fast-forward to 2020, and I’m now a bike shorts convert. It’s not actually about riding bikes, anyways.

Here’s the thing about bike shorts: They’re quite possibly the easiest styling hack out there. Not only are they versatile enough to transition from an actual workout outfit to something a bit more athleisurely, but they’re practically necessary for wearing dresses and skirts more comfortably.

Having on a pair of bike shorts is somewhat the adult equivalent of wearing a skort. If the opportunity to do a cartwheel should come up, you can do so without fear of flashing the public. Layering a discreet lightweight and breathable pair under a dangerously short hemline or flowy number is the best way to avoid exposure while standing on a subway platform, climbing up flights of stairs, or doing any type of acrobatics, should the situation arise.

Plenty of brands have given us their take on the essential shorts everyone should have in their closet, but the one style in particular that’s been a game-changer in my WFH wardrobe is Lululemon’s Wunder Train High-Rise Shorts.

I count on the buttery-soft shorts that have just enough compression to carry me from my workday on the couch to my makeshift home gym. They’re comfy enough to wear for hours, and when it’s time to switch into workout mode, I feel put together and ready to go. And thanks to their six-inch inseam, they hit me at just the right spot — a bit higher than my other bike shorts, which I prefer.

The more I’ve dwelled on the staying power of the bike short trend, the more I’ve come to understand why the style is really the MVP of basics. I plan to stock up on more of these shorts to wear under dresses when the weather warms up and we can, you know, go outside.

You can head to Lululemon to shop the high-waisted shorts I swear by, and check out other types of the style-hacking essential before it’s time to get summer dresses out.

Lululemon Wunder Train High-Rise Short 6" in Black

Wunder Train High-Rise Short 6 Black

Shop now: $58; lululemon.com

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