As much as we try to keep our makeup light and breathable in summer's climbing heat, the deadly combination of sky-high temperatures, sweat, and a too-weighty foundation will make the need for a makeup product that helps to battle a breakout more important than ever. Enter the blemish-fighting concealer category—better known as the answer to your summer skin issues. Consider them to be a spot treatments with a day job. They contain ample ingredients to kill the bacteria that will trigger a breakout, but can completely cover anything that comes to the surface.

In the case of Murad's Acne Treatment cover-up ($21;, Jouer's Anti-Blemish Concealer ($28;, salicyic acid is the hero component used to battle the bump, though if your skin tends to get red at the first sign of any activity, reach for Clinique's Acne Solutions version ($17; It packs just as much punch as the rest and contains the same active ingredient, but also has a slight green tint to neutralize any ruddiness. If you prefer a more natural-based formula, BareMinerals' new Blemish Ready Concealer ($22; enlists the soothing powers of tea tree oil and aspen bark to reduce an unexpected breakout—and thanks to the built-in sharpener, you can get precise with your application.

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