The day usually goes something like this: You wake up, maybe you get in an early-morning workout or maybe you don’t, you get dressed, go to work, eat lunch, grab a mid-afternoon coffee, commute home, walk into your apartment, take off your bra, and breathe a big sigh of relief. Because there truly is no better feeling than tossing that constricting undergarment back into its drawer for the night — though we’d argue that finding a bra you aren’t dying to take off the second you get home is perhaps the best feeling of all.

That’s where direct-to-consumer brand Eby comes into play. Founded by Sofia Vergara and Renata Black, the size-inclusive, subscription undergarment brand is on a mission to make you love your lingerie again, while also empowering women out of poverty and into business by donating 10 percent of its net sales. The label launched with seamless underwear, and today it officially unveiled the perfect partner to said undies: a seamless bralette that, when pre-launched to Eby subscribers earlier this year, sold out in a mere 24 hours.

Much like the brand’s game-changing underwear, the bralette is made from a super lightweight fabric that’s soft and, most importantly, comfortable against your skin — all day. The underwire-free bra features removable cups and adjustable straps for a non-constricting fit. But that’s not all: It also utilizes Eby’s revolutionary flocking technology that keeps your undergarments in place. That means no more awkward tugging and pulling when your bra budges during that midday work meeting.

The bralette is available in sizes XS to XL — with an additional P option that comes with slightly wider straps and more coverage — and three staple colors: tried-and-true nude, classic black, and a mini rose print that’s as sweet as it sounds. If you decide to sign up for the brand's subscription service today, you can score the newly launched bralette and undies for $43 combined, while non-members can get the set for $58.

Regardless of which route you take, one thing’s for certain: This is one bra you can feel 100 percent good about buying, not only because it’s actually comfy, but because with every Eby purchase, you’re empowering women around the world.

EBY Seamless Bralette

Shop Now: $58;

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