Rainbows have infiltrated the beauty world as one of the biggest trends in the past few years, transforming hair, eyebrows—and even armpits—into colorful, museum-worthy works of art. Now, freckles are the latest way to add a splash of color to your look, with beauty enthusiasts speckling their faces with bold, multicolored dots on Instagram.

The technique behind the dramatic look involves sporadically placing various sized dots that mimic the pattern of actual freckles in colors that complement or match your eye makeup or lipstick. The vibrant spots are created by taking liquid lipstick on the back of the hand, dipping a concealer brush into the product, and using to paint on the dots onto the face.

The result is a whimsical and unique beauty look that may not exactly work for the office or your next dinner date, but is guaranteed to generate a ton of "likes” online.

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